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What's New at Truro Birth Centre?

I was lucky enough to have a little wander around Truro Birth Centre a few weeks ago when I was part of the Kernow MVP's 15 Steps in Maternity. I visit the birth centre semi regularly as a Doula, but it was really lovely to see the facility whilst not in 'work mode'. I had a tour around & was shown the new equipment and facilities by the wonderful Shannon (an amazing Cornish Midwife who the birth centre are super lucky to have there), so I thought it would be useful to share this with you, as unfortunately TBC does not offer in person tours & I know many of you local people are keen to birth at this facility.

There are 4 birth rooms in the BC, all of which have pools. Each is named after a Cornish Beach & the art work on the wall inside each room represents that beach. There are birth balls in every room, and 'birth pods' instead of beds (these are like adult soft play form shapes that you can move & adjust in to different shapes - you can set them up in a bed shape if you wish). In each room there is a Birthing Positions poster to remind you of active birth positions, and you can use Aromatherapy in all rooms. TBC is very supportive of Hypnobirthing.

The new additions are (see photos): *Skylight art in 2 of the 4 rooms *A grounded birth ball (that has a base so is more sturdy!) *A wooden birthing stool *A sling/rebozo type piece of equipment that can be used to hang off, squat in to, and can also be used to hang over the pool. *Each room also has a 'My Birth Language Preferences' which will be filled out by your midwife during triage to support best practice, inclusion and your birth plan.

Many people worry that Truro Birth Centre will be busy when they go in to labour, and they might be turned away, however to reassure you - the current statistics are that only 15% of births in Cornwall happen at TBC (10% in Community and Stand Alone Birth Centres, and 75% in Delivery Suite/theatre). Currently the transfer rate from TBC to Delivery Suite is 40%, but this is higher for first time birthers. The Guidelines have widened when it comes to who is supported using the birth centre, so it is most definitely worth talking about this birth space as an option for your labour and birth.

The Birth Centre is designed to facilitate physiological birth. The dim lighting (with added fairies lights and galaxy projector) is perfect to melatonin release. and creating a calm environment The birth stool, pool, birth balls and pods are all wonderful for promoting upright birth positions and active birth. There is a blutooth speaker where you can connect your phone or ipod to play your Hypnobirthing tracks or birth play list, again aiding your relaxation.. Gas and Air is available, as is pethidine. However it's good to know that if you choose to use pethidine then the birth pool is no longer available to you for 3-4 hours after the dose has been given.

Some of the midwives at the birth centre are trained in Hypnobirthing and in all my time supporting births there I have only ever seen respect and support from the midwives for people that are using Hypnobirthing during labour and birth.

Chat with your midwife about the options and possibility of birthing at Truro birth centre. Even if you have some kind of special circumstance that might put you in to a high risk category, it may still be possible to birth here. Things like VBAC, Higher BMI, Gestational age and more are welcomed at the Birth Centre after a conversation with your consultant or birth centre manager.

If you want to learn more about the importance of Birth Environment and how it can have an impact on your birth experience then sign up for one of my Hypnobirthing courses, or even just book a power hour or antenatal class to learn more and look at all your options. email me : for more information to visit my website to book a consultation.

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