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"I was so impressed by the level of professionality and attention to detail shown by Terri, alongside being relaxed and not making it all too serious! Not easy to do at all. You just can't put a price on being taught all of this by someone in person who can answer your questions with local knowledge and from their years of experience. I had already been doing a lot of research and reading before doing the course anyway but the course really consolidated everything for me and filled in the gaps and put my mind at ease over specific worries and concerns. Doing the course with my partner was also a wonderful experience and really reassured me that he knows what I know and it made us feel like more of a team." Katie - First time parent


"Our experience with Terri and the Hypnobirthing course was nothing but positive. As first time parents the journey of pregnancy and birth was a complete unknown and so we decided to invest the time with Terri having heard great things about Hypnobirthing. The sessions were informative, fun and gave us the knowledge to understand and look forwards to the birth. From using the right language to understanding the biology, it gave me the tools and techniques to make the birth a positive and drug free experience. It also enabled Steve, as my advocate, to provide the best support possible both emotionally but also logistically by giving him a full understanding of our rights, our choices and our ability to influence how and where we gave birth. Our baby boy Dylan was born just over 3 weeks early and without Terri’s classes we would not have been able to confidently discuss our options with the hospital staff and ensure we were able to enter the Truro Birth Centre which provided a much more comfortable and positive experience. Thank you Terri, we are extremely grateful for your guidance." Pippa and Steve - First time parents

"We feel so well informed and educated about our rights and decisions with birthing our child. Our mindset has shifted and is much more empowered and positive. Terri was amazing! So informative, understanding and flexible to our needs." Naomi and Will - First time parents


"I loved the course! The sessions were jam-packed with useful information and structured really well. It was good to have homework between sessions and time to come back with any questions. The flexibility of being able to do the sessions from our home was also great, plus I feel like my partner gained a lot from doing the course alongside me!  Nina - First time parent


"feel so empowered after attending the course! I feel armed with the right information to make the right decisions for me and my baby, and to take control of my birthing experience. I’m so grateful for the course, Terri- thank you so much!" Candice  -  second time parent


"To anyone we meet, we champion hypnotherapy, hypnobirthing and doula services -especially those of Terri. Even my husband who was a little dubious about booking and attending the course is telling all his friends who are expecting a baby to do so! We truly believe the investment in her services has helped us to have the most amazing birth, despite it not being what we had hoped for at the start of our journey.

Pregnancy and birth can take many journeys and through using all that we learned and listening to my body, we have our beautiful baby boy. There are no words to truly express what this means to us. Terri will always be held in our hearts. To those reading this to help decide on whether to use Terri for any of her services. DO IT, do them all, we promise you, you won't regret it." Josie and Andrew -1st time parents. 


"We were lucky enough to do Terri’s full Hypnobirthing course with my first pregnancy and did a refresher this time around. Terri not only taught us the Hypnobirthing methodology and how to apply it throughout the stages of labour, she also taught us the science behind birthing, the hormones, contractions, birthing positions etc. I felt like learning everything I needed to know about birth, along with practical ways to work through it was extremely empowering and allowed me to make informed decisions with my birth plan. My thoughts on birth before doing Terri’s course were very much go with the flow, and my husband was absolutely petrified once we had completed the course we both had so much confidence in my natural abilities which ultimately allowed me to have the two amazing births I had!" Charlie and Nate - 2nd time parents


"I didn't realise that I would have so many options available to me for a planned C-section so the ideas and information that Terri gave to me during my session were really helpful. Going through the breathing and relaxation techniques was also really helpful. I really enjoyed my session, the knowledge that I gained has helped me feel much more empowered and confident!" Sam - first time parent

"Just a massive thank you for creating such a well balanced holistic course, that considers all types of births and champions the fact no one way is right. Also that with the right skills and knowledge you can and should have a positive birth whatever the journey." Josie and Andrew - first time parents

"We just loved it. My husband did a total 180. He went from thinking we should birth in hospital and just 'do as we're told' to talking about potentially home birthing. We both feel so prepared. Thank you so much. Your course really helped us so much. I wondered if I would get what I wanted from a course titled Hypnobirthing, but you course really is like no other. You are worth every penny and I can't wait to give birth and share my story with you." Claire - first time parent


"Literally felt like a different person coming out of the sessions. Went from feeling like I knew nothing and needed to be led completely by the ‘medical professionals’, to feeling empowered and like I have a say in my birth. So powerful. It’s the best thing we’ve done so far as part of our pregnancy journey. I was a bit worried beforehand that we’d been rash in spending so much money when things are tight, but honestly within the first half an hour on the first day I was already so glad we did it. And by the end of the 2 full days, more than worth every penny. If I knew anyone who was pregnant, I’d totally tell them to do the course." Jemma -First time parent

"Our midwife said to me that they do find sometimes with hypnobirthing mums that they don’t look like they’re in labour when they arrive and said she was so impressed with how it all went for us. The birth left me feeling on top of the world and so empowered by the whole experience. Sean has always been as cool as a cucumber but the way he supported me using the techniques we learned in our hypnobirthing course was everything. We absolutely rocked it! Thank you Terri!" Jemima and Sean - First time parents


"We cannot thank Terri enough for changing my outlook on birth! Not only have my anxieties been unpicked and resolved, my whole way of thinking has completely changed. This has resulted in my partner feeling like I can handle whatever happens when we welcome our baby. Knowledge really is power and I know that no matter what happens during my birth, I can do this! We do have choices and we are well prepared, regardless of what path we go down. We have gained more understanding and have a deeper comprehension after working with Terri than what we have learnt in all four of our hospital’s virtual antenatal classes and with additional antenatal courses online put together! Terri, thank you for being the voice of reason and for helping us on this journey – the difference you have made to my thoughts on birth is incredible." Abi - First time mum


"We attended Terri's September group course and although we didn't fully know what to expect from a hypnobirthing course found it incredibly helpful. There was so much we didn't know and it completely altered my view on what labour would be like from scary and painful to calm and controlled. I was actually really excited to give birth. We finished the course knowing exactly what to expect and all of our options and rights. When it came to birth I didn't use the full scope of hypnobirthing or the specifically taught breathing techniques - I just did what felt right, but I went in feeling empowered and the mindset was invaluable. I can't recommend a hypnobirthing course enough, especially with Terri." Laura - first time mum.


"My wife and I were so excited about starting a family; we wanted to ensure we felt fully prepared leading up to, during and after the birth. You hear loads of stories from friends and only really see birth on the tv or film, but that never gives you all the information to really feel confident in the process- which is why we chose Cornwall Hypnobirthing. We’d followed Terri on Instagram for a while and heard how great she was so booked on to one of her courses asap. The training was incredibly inclusive, accessible and informative. There is so much we didn’t know, and I don’t mean how to change nappies or bath a baby but the process of pregnancy and giving birth, what is actually happening to our bodies! Learning about the physiological and psychological process; it’s incredible really! My wife and I have learnt so much in four weeks that even our midwives were impressed! We asked questions at our appointments which we would never of thought of, we challenge recommendations and most of all, we are enjoying the journey - we are not scared, we feel confident and we are super excited! Terri is incredibly down to earth and knowledgeable; she makes you feel so comfortable and at ease; no question is a silly question! We now have so many tips, techniques and ideas we plan to try out together in the coming weeks. Knowledge is power, and that’s why we now feel confident together and excited about the process of giving birth knowing that we will travel through that moment with knowledge, empowerment and the understanding of our choices. There will always be elements of the unknown but we can confidently say we are ready for it and we will make it our own special journey, together. Emma and Kirsty - First time parents


"Where to start! My wife and I felt so unprepared for birth and a bit apprehensive about the stereotypical language used in typical baby classes. We didn’t want to talk about mums and dads and pushing and inductions. So we hunted and we found Terri and this was the start of an epic journey in an inclusive environment where we felt super comfortable to be us and were surrounded by others like us too. It was great to have content that was about us. Terri’s hypnobirthing classes have really given us an incredible understanding and confidence in how we want to birth our child, and how we are the ones who will make the decisions and lead - not the other way around. We’ve come away with new friends, great methods and learnings and a new confidence." Kerry and Leah -  First time parents


"We did Terri's hypnobirthing group course via Zoom at 20 weeks. The course content was really interesting and informative. Despite being over zoom due to lockdown #3, Terri ensured there was plenty of interaction and quizzes to keep us engaged. Through the subsequent weeks Terri provided support via WhatsApp and no question was ever too much trouble. I'm a naturally anxious person & Terri really helped to put me at ease - right up to the night I went into labour. The course left us feeling empowered and able to make informed decisions, leading to having a planned home birth which was truly amazing. For anyone considering doing a course with Terri at Cornwall Hypnobirthing, I highly recommend booking. It really is the best investment in the preparation for birth and beyond." Nicki - Second time parent


"Thanks Terri, your information for both myself and Ross was really great, and in particular for Ross who self confessed didn't know a lot before - but who now feels confident he can support me fully and will be just as involved. We both really enjoyed all aspects of the course and look forward to putting it all into practice soon! I feel excited for the big day, and a lot more sure of myself that I can do this, and has helped iron out any little niggles I had about birth or any unknowns. It was good to be able to chat freely and ask any questions we wanted comfortably, and that is why I chose the private course. I would 100% recommend to any of my friends." Kate and Ross - First time parents


"Thank you SO much for everything you’ve done - I can’t express how I already feel that you’ve made this an incredible experience and the best is yet to come! My partner and I certainly wouldn’t have worked so well together without your  Hypnobirthing input and that is totally invaluable to me - something I will be forever grateful for. My general ethos is all for natural/alternative intervention, whether this is related to birthing or life in general, and thanks to your  Hypnobirthing course my partner is slowly coming round to this too through research and information you provided etc. The way he talks about everything you’ve informed us about means we’re even more on the same page and we’re making joint decisions which previously we may have had different opinions about. It’s fantastic!" Jess - First time parent

"We will never be able to thank Terri enough for her support, guidance and generosity provided throughout our pregnancy preparing for the birth of our baby. Hypnobirthing completely changed our view on birth, and empowered us to make decisions that were best for us and not based on fear. You cannot put a price on delivering your baby feeling so in control and aware of the physiological process of birth. Every time I think back to our experience I feel so emotional to have been blessed with a tranquil environment at Penrice Birth Centre, a team of amazing compassionate midwifes, the support of my Husband who was able to remain calm throughout and this is all thanks to the decision we made to sign up for Terri’s informative Hypnobirthing course which we will forever recommend." Beth and Dean - First time parents

"The hypnobirthing techniques I learnt with Terri, combined with pregnancy yoga and the support from Mazey/Helston midwives, has really transformed my birthing experience into something incredible. I've felt I was in complete control of my labour, which was really important for both myself and Richard. Hypnobirthing certainly made my birth a really positive experience, I feel very lucky to have found Terri and learnt about it, I definitely couldn't have done it without her. I have suffered from anxiety before and found Hypnobirthing so useful."  Sally - Second time parent


"I'm not even sure where to start in thank you but I don't think I could say thank you enough for the difference in my pregnancy and birthing journey this time round. Your knowledge, passion and support in just 3 sessions gave us so much power, understanding and positivity that I can honestly say I wanted to go through it all again the next day. Thank you for helping us to have the most beautiful experience bringing our second daughter into the world, you really are incredible at what you do.  Morwenna and Tom - Second time parents 

"When we finished our course with Terri she asked me how was I feeling towards birth and I confidently came out with 'I'm going to smash it!' which I couldn't quite believe came out of my mouth as I usually doubt myself with new things and always underestimate instead of overestimate. But I truly felt I had gained so much knowledge and understanding of how your body naturally births a baby that that was what was going to happen. Obviously I was totally aware that things could go slightly off plan, but I felt like I was in the right place if that was to happen and either way I had control and would cope due to the hypnobirthing. Terri helped us so much and I believe we could have had a very different labour/birth if we didn't hypnobirth. I was so excited to tell her and will always be grateful for her time and the knowledge she gave us.” Hannah and Luke - First time parents


"Everything changed when we enrolled onto Terri‘s hypnobirthing course and booked her as our Doula. I learned about my rights, gained confidence and felt empowered by the huge amount of pregnancy and birth related knowledge. Terri provided us with knowledge that is transferable in so many aspects of life and helps you to re-evaluate things from different angles. And not to mention the impact that an empowering positive birth experience can have on your mental well-being. I was hesitant about the financial aspect, but now I believe she is not charging enough! Terri also supported us emotionally throughout the pregnancy and afterwards. She does have an incredible in-depth knowledge about pregnancy and birth related matters - I called her the human dictionary as there was never a question she couldn’t answer! She was always on the other end of the phone when needed. Always real, authentic and honest. And I remember how she was driving on high speed to keep up with our car when driving to the hospital whilst in active Labour. She does really care and I am grateful for what this lady did for us! I would recommend her service to anyone without hesitation!" Kris and Kev - second time parents

"We had been recommended time and time again to do the hypnobirthing course with Terri by various friends and family and it was always something I wanted to do when we were to get pregnant. Then lockdown happened and I kept thinking ah well we'll just go without and try and find the resources ourselves. Then at 31 weeks I thought why should we miss out on something that could completely change our whole birthing experience just because of it might not be the same virtually. I went ahead and booked and Terri was so accommodating from day 1, we were all set up on zoom ready for our 3 hour sessions and it's honestly been the best thing we have done, I feel excited, empowered and looking forward to the birth of our first baba instead of terrified of the unknown! Terri is an absolute natural who you just warm to, she has so much knowledge and I'd be happy to ask if I had any worries. Thank you Terri for giving us all the knowledge to feel confident about labour/birth etc we cant wait to put it into practise." Hannah - First time mum

"Jamie and I completed our hypnobirthing course with Terri via Zoom in May, and we can hand on heart say it is by far the most useful, empowering and enjoyable pre birth course that we have done. We thoroughly loved every second. The course content is fascinating, we learnt so much; be prepared to have some ‘wow’ moments. Terri is AMAZING, such a passionate, supportive, knowledgeable and reassuring teacher. Through Terri we gained so much confidence with our upcoming birth, that any anxieties and uncertainties that we both initially experienced have all but gone. There were no ‘stupid questions’ - we felt completely comfortable to ask her anything. Whatever your choice, whether you want, home birth, water birth, hospital birth, natural or c-section birth, Terri is incredibly supportive, non-judgmental and understanding and gives you the knowledge to make your own informed choices about what you want for your birth. Terri’s hypno birthing course has provided us with the knowledge and techniques to feel confident, calm and in control of our birth, which is truly invaluable at such a life changing time. We will apply what we’ve learnt not only to our birthing but to life in general. Knowledge is power! Thank you Terri" Cara (Caroline) and Jamie  - First time parents


"After a bit of a challenging pregnancy of trying to keep things normalised, we decided to participate in Terri’s hypnobirthing course. I instantly felt more at ease and informed with our choices and how we can make our birth our own with the amazing skills Terri taught us. I unfortunately was induced due to gestational diabetes and reduced movements at 37 weeks. The course massively helped reduce my anxieties about not being able to have a birth partner at the beginning of my induction process. During the early stages of my labour the breathing techniques and calming affirmations really keep me calm until I was ready to go up to delivery suite where I was allowed my birth partner. I highly recommend taking part in Terri’s hypnobirthing course it really did set us us with knowledge and understanding of birth that helped us make decisions that were right for us and our baby. Thank you so much Terri."  Lucy - First time mum


"Leading up to the birth of our first baby, Sam and I were delighted to find Terri and her hypnobirthing classes. Whilst I am a scientist and had some concerns that the content may not align with my need for evidence-based facts, I actually found it to be quite the opposite. The classes were empowering, providing us with a tool kit to manage my labour and birthing experience and understand how to take control and determine the birth that we would like, free of drugs!" Charlie and Sam - First time parents


"Myself and my husband have recently finished our 1:1 private Hypnobirthing sessions with Terri. I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever done and my husband is also in agreement. I felt so emotional when she left after our first session because I finally felt like the birth i always dreamt of does exist. Her positivity around birthing was infectious and her knowledge around your birthing rights was comforting.
I have learnt so much more than I anticipated and I now feel empowered, excited and positive about giving birth to my little baby. Regardless of what path my birthing takes I know I can do this calmly and without fear." Faye - First time mum


"I had always been open minded and was willing to do this course with my wife for “her benefit”. But what I soon discovered was how important my role is and how it’s about me, my partner and our baby doing this together. I have a clear understanding of how we wanted our birthing to go and I felt confident to be able to advocate on my wife's behalf when the big day comes. 

We both can’t thank Terri enough for teaching us the wonderful gift of Hypnobirthing. And I’m sure my little baby boy will be thankful too." Rob - First time dad


"I don't know where to begin; thank you doesn't seem enough. A couple of years ago the thought of giving birth was scaring me so much that I wasn't sure I could do it at all. The desire to be a mum soon took over and I'd heard about Hypnobirthing. To say my husband wasn't sure about it was an understatement! After Terri's course we were both excited to see where our journey would take us. Although out labour wasn't what we planned, we still had the most positive and empowering experience, and we believe that was down to Terri and Hypnobirthing. My partner and I believe that Hypnobirthing got us through the toughest and most rewarding time of our lives. So thank you!" Greta and Daryoush - first time parents


"I was 7 months pregnant when we moved to Cornwall from the South of France. I thought of doing Cornwall Hypnobirthing  classes to help me put my mind to ease with me being in a new place and being afraid of birth and all the stories you hear. I did not have a clue how I wanted my birth to be or what to expect but Terri changed that thought for us! I am so happy I did the classes as it helped me with having a clear idea of how I wanted my birth to go and not to be afraid but to be in control of my thoughts. I managed to stay calm with any turn that day took and all I did was focusing on my breathing!  Thank You Terri for all the support after birth too and I would highly recommend Cornwall Hypnobirthing! Terri is amazing and such a lovely lady!" CJ - first time mum


At the start I expected 'mumbo jumbo' and hippy preaching! Now at the end, I couldn't think more differently. I had no idea how much I didn't know. I will no longer panic or worry in different circumstances. I feel this course was well worth the time and money invested." Chris - first time dad 


"Now I have gained an unexpected rush of empowerment of my rights and my body's natural capabilities. I feel confident to trust my intuition and fell more in-tune with labour and birthing, and a new bond with my birth partner. Fear is now challenged with knowledge and confidence. Thank you Terri" Olivia - first time mum


"Your sessions and education made a massive difference to our birth experience, I am sure it would not have been the same if we haven’t done the sessions with you. Having the better knowledge made me a lot more calm and knowing how to do the breathing to stay in control. I am sure my tightenings didn’t feel as strong (apart from the last few before pushing) because I was able to relax through them. The last stage of labour was a lot better as well. Using the J-breathing, it felt like I was able to use each one more efficient and even though I am not sure how many I used, it didn’t seem long at all. Thanks again for all your support - we really did have a great experience." Maichen - 2nd time mum

"I have completed the 5 week Hypnobirthing course with Terri and I have to admit, I had slight reservations before starting as I didn’t know anything really about hypnobirthing. I have completed both hypnobirthing and NCT, and if I were to advise anyone which to do, I would wholeheartedly advise to choose hypnobirthing, especially with Terri.

Terri was fantastic; she was able to provide us with fact based information that clearly explained the functions and huge capabilities of the female body during pregnancy and birth. The sessions have taught me the importance of trusting my body, keeping calm and being able to be in control of my body and the decisions I make. Thank you so much Terri, I feel so much more confident about giving birth and excited to be able to experience this amazing thing." Kas - 1st time mum. 


"Thank you so much for your private hypnobirthing sessions. They really helped me through the birth. We had our baby at Treliske birthing centre in the birthing pool - no pain relief. I was calm and relaxed and this was definitely down to your help with the breathing technique and understanding what was going to happen to my body whist I was birthing our baby." Hayley and John - 1st time parents 

"After a pretty traumatic labour with my first born child and a few unfortunate baby losses in my family, I spent most of my pregnancy really anxious and actually suffered with some antenatal depression. If I am completely honest, I struggled to feel any emotional attachment to my bump for the first 3-4 months. So I did some research and found Terri at ‘Cornwall Hypnobirthing’ and it was honestly the best thing we could have done.

When our beautiful baby girl came into the world it was the most empowering experience I’ve ever had. We couldn’t have done it without the help and support of Terri. To anyone thinking about HypnoBirthing my advice to you would be to STOP THINKING and get in touch with Terri. I promise you won’t regret it." Georgie and Jeconiah - 2nd time parents

"Terri has been absolutely fantastic as a Hypnobirthing teacher and my partner and I have found the course to be really beneficial. I feel like it has also taught us relaxation skills that can be used in every day life and not just for birthing. The fact that the Hypnobirthing can also be adapted to fit around whatever type of birthing you have is also really reassuring. Terri has also been continuously supportive and helpful with any queries we have had after our course had finished, and I have had a lot! She was brilliant in terms of being flexible to fit us in as well, as it was a bit of a last minute booking. I would definitely recommend Terri and Cornwall Hypnobirthing anyone who is thinking of giving it a go." Iris and James - 1st time parents

"Terri is fantastic, she made us feel so calm and at ease about our birth! We booked one to one antenatal sessions [which included some Hypnobirthing] which taught us so much and really prepared us for how my body would change and some amazing breathing strategies for the birth - which we both use now if we’re feeling stressed or anxious! I also attended Terri's relaxation class, which did the trick as I slept so well that evening that I went into labour the next day! We can’t thank Terri enough for her expertise and friendly, professional attitude." Jenna - 1st time mum.


We did a private Hypnobirthing course with Terri. On booking she was really flexible about options for times amongst her existing commitments which allowed me to fit around my childcare commitments and work.

After the first session, I felt very safe and secure in Terri’s company and was able to open up to her about my anxieties and fear. Terri was kind, positive and non judgemental and my husband and I were completely assured that our decision to start hypnobirthing, particularly with Terri was a great decision. The beauty of the 1:1 course was that Terri was able tailor it specifically to my needs.

During the course, my husband and I felt so confident and empowered in Terri’s presence that we decided to ask her to be our doula too. I can’t recommend her enough. Kirsty and Jack - 2nd time parents


Thank you so much for sharing your invaluable knowledge with us and for allowing us to feel calm, confident and empowered about our birthing journey. You have eliminated any worries and anxieties we had about labour and now we are honestly so excited for the whole experience - thank you for encouraging us to understand it in this way. This will stay with us for the rest of our lives and it comforts us to know just how many other lives you had and will have such a positive impact on. We couldn't have wished for a better guide - you're our birthing angel! Cam and Dan - 1st time parents

I started reading the book and was so blown away by it that I called Terri straight away and booked into the course. She is so professional and has such a depth of knowledge and experience, she is easy to listen to and understand and it was great sharing the course with other like minded couples too. Thoroughly recommend it to everyone I meet, Terri is wonderful and the course has made feel relaxed and confident as I look forward to my birthing day. Stevi - 1st time mum

My wife and I have just completed our HypnoBirthing sessions with Terri. I can wholeheartedly say it was an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience! It began with my wife expressing interest in HypnoBirthing - I was simply going along with her wishes and naturally wanting what’s best for her and our child. I knew little about the course, but soon realised HypnoBirthing was equally as important and empowering for myself, as it was for my wife! 

HypnoBirthing is not a ‘hippy let’s zen out and give birth’ guide for mothers! It’s a practical, rational, informative and fun course for BOTH OF YOU! If you want to confidently help your wife or partner give birth to your child, as naturally as possible without intervention and/or the use of drugs - then give HypnoBirthing a try! - Stephen - 1st time dad

I contacted Terri, who was recommended by a friend. From the first communication she was amazing and I felt so excited to start the course. Before meeting Terri I felt nervous and fearful about the birth of our baby and to be quite honest was dreading it. From the first session I started to feel so much more confident about everything and it all made perfect sense to myself and my husband. Terri delivers the course in a very informative and enjoyable way. Two hours flies by! HypnoBirthing isn’t a hippy experience; it’s birthing logic and by being taught and informed exactly how amazingly our bodies are set up for birth has made me feel empowered and confident for birth. I feel it’s a secret I wish every pregnant mother could know! We have now finished our course and as sad I am it’s come to an end, I have left the course feeling so confident, informed and really excited for the birth of our baby. I’m looking forward to putting everything we have learnt from Terri into practice and feel ready to trust my body to know what to do. I cannot recommend Terri enough you can’t put a price on the confidence she has given me! It’s made my pregnancy such an enjoyable experience. I can’t wait to post a review of our babies birth! - Louise - 1st time mum

Terri was a very important part of our birth journey - the skills we learnt with her were invaluable and something we can still apply to life over 2 years on. - Adrienne - 1st time mum

HypnoBirthing was something I'd never heard of before, it was a real eye opener in regards to the whole birthing process, it made me feel knowledgeable, empowered and in control! 

I found Terri's approach very kind, genuine and informative. She was always so welcoming and friendly while still professional. I found my meetings with her like going to see a good friend! I felt I could call on Terri at any point, ask her any questions and get a true, honest and productive answer.

I have and would again and again promote HypnoBirthing, Hypnotherapy and Terri to anybody. It has literally changed my life! I just wish I'd heard of HypnoBirthing for my first child as I'm sure it would of made all the difference. 

My partner and I laughed together after our little one was born, saying he was the most chilled out baby ever and maybe this was due to Terri and her teachings and the fact I overcame my anxieties and chilled out throughout my entire pregnancy!? All in all I can't promote HypnoBirthing enough, honestly everybody should do it! :)  - Sam and Steve 2nd time parents

Thanks to Terri [and HypnoBirthing] we had my dream birth - at home, quick, calm and most of all safe.. We can’t thank her enough for these life changing techniques. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. Thank you Terri. - Kat and Lewis 2nd time parents

It's been almost 12 months since I gave birth but I still often think about how glad I am we did HypnoBirthing with Terri! The skills we learnt definitely helped keep me calm and focused during 48 hours of labour and we have no doubt that it was a huge factor in allowing us to have an uncomplicated and unmedicated home birth. The course is full of gems of information and I consider the breathing techniques to be 'life skills' and continue to use them now. I should also add that I spent most of my adult life being terrified of child birth so hearing myself talk so positively about the birth is a surprise even to myself! - Jess and Nick 1st time parents

Thank you Terri for a wonderful experience in our antenatal classes with you. Found the material you delivered to be relevant, engaging and professionally delivered. The best part was the learning to let go of fear around childbirth! I would highly recommend this HypnoBirthing course to anyone that is interested in going beyond the usual birth classes offered by the NHS for a different, more holistic and empowering view on birth and the usual stigma that surrounds it. I had a hospital birth that was an excellent experience and the HypnoBirthing course was a big part of the prep for it! - Jess and Phil, 1st time parents.

Thank you so much Terri for an amazing HypnoBirthing experience. Your knowledge and advice have been invaluable and this has truly prepared us for the birth of our baby. The techniques we have been taught have provided us with useful tools in order to stay calm and in control during birthing-whatever happens. I also feel fully informed about the birthing process and empowered to make the right decisions for myself and our baby when the time comes. Ultimately, HypnoBirthing has enabled me to eliminate any fear I had of birthing and I am now really looking forward to the experience and meeting our baby. - Rachel, 1st time mum

Learning HypnoBirthing alongside Rach has been the most valuable experience in our preparation.  As Rach's birthing partner it has clarified my role and given us valuable tools to help support Rach, keeping her informed, focused and relaxed.  As a Physiotherapist I've worked with various population groups from the general public right through to professional athletes, on a daily basis I see the importance of an informed, positive mindset in dealing with challenging situations and the negative consequences/fear of unnecessarily 'over-medicalizing' a situation. This is exactly what Hypnobirthing has helped us develop by understanding the true 'nature' of pregnancy and giving birth, just the way 10,000 years of evolution intended it to be.  We also have a better understanding of the medical aspects of birthing and understand those options are always available, however, we also see the clear benefits of a more natural birth and have been armed with a variety of techniques to help Rach achieve her aim.  Thank you Terri. – Will, 1st time dad

Terri was fantastic and delivered the course very well. She was knowledgable about all the stages of labour and made both my husband and I comfortable throughout. As a result of this course we both went into the birth of our son with confidence and worry free. We were able to get the water birth we wanted with no use if pain killers whatsoever. Terri is friendly and has a genuine passion to help others have a happy experience. She was always happy to reply to emails outside of the seasions and went above and beyond throughout. I would recommend this course and hypnoborthing to anyone. Charlotte and Bart. 1st time parents

My wife and I owe a lot to Terri. Not only did she teach us the tools that enabled us to birth our baby in a calm and relaxed way but she also, in an unplanned but perfectly executed way, help deliver our baby at home. My wife gave birth at home which wasn't planned but because we were prepared and confident it couldn't have gone better, my wife and our new baby didn't even have to set foot in the hospital. Every mother to be should use hypnobirthing principles, it will empower you to have the birth you want. Thank you Terri! Edd 3rd time dad

The thought of hypno anything is a million miles away from me and my personality but a friend recommended it so I listening to what she had to say and from that moment on I can converted!! I think the word hypno originally put me off but it's more about mind over matter and trusting your body. for me hypno birthing taught me to trust my body to know what to do and to be in control! I can honestly say that the breathing techniques I learnt were all the pain relief I needed. The course taught me the importance of taking control and no losing focus. Hayley – 3rd time mum


The ethos of hypnobirthing is natural, yet somehow it seems to have been forgotten within a raft of more medical approaches to birthing. Terri reconnects both partners with the natural ability we have to give birth and does so with passion and warmth. Not only were the sessions informative and enlightening - they empowered us both to become parents and make the best choices for our new family. Terri herself is fab: you couldn't wish for a lovelier person to take you on this journey. The message of self belief and her guidance towards it will remain with us for a lifetime. Becks and Rob. 1st time parents


I can't recommend the lovely Terri and hypnobirthing enough. I'm sad to have our last session but feel ready to rock and roll with Terri's support and teaching over the last couple of months. For me hypnobirthing isn't about hippy dippy stuff it's about common sense and birthing in the most natural and logical way possible. We can't thank Terri enough for helping us to learn this through various techniques and can't wait to put it all into practise when our little one decides to make an appearance! Claire and Owen – 1st time parents


I cannot recommend hypnobirthing enough and Terri is wonderful. We had a wonderful birthing experience and it went just as we'd hoped thanks to the tools Terri had taught us throughout the course. If you're considering hypnobirthing go for it - you won't regret it! Kelly and Phil. 1st time parents

I cannot rate Cornwall Hypnobirthing and Terri enough! Terri delivered the core course content clearly, confidently and passionately and tailored the delivery to meet our changing needs during this pregnancy.” Claire – 3rd time mum.


“Terri adapted the course to ensure we weren't bored by hearing stuff we already knew (this was our 3rd child using HypnoBirthing) but also tapped into a wealth of resources and tools to help us as the pregnancy progressed and problems presented themselves.” Mark – 3rd time dad


“The first session left us both feeling excited and energised knowing that we had made the right decision in taking the course, Terri is clearly very passionate about Hypnobirthing and instils that confidence and certainty that it is possible and in fact completely natural to relax and enjoy the birth of your baby.” Racheal – 1st time mum.


“The course material is inspiring, interesting, informative and very easy to follow, Terri delivers the course in a fashion that would make you believe that she designed it especially for you.” Simon – 1st time dad.


“Terri's ability to promote maximum relaxation and guide us through visualisation was an extremely useful and important part in preparation for our birthing experience; we were able to use these skills along with a range of breathing techniques Terri taught us to help towards a natural birthing experience as possible.” Matt – 1st time dad.


“The delivery of the course was exceptional and I recommend this technique to any expectant mothers, especially those looking for the most natural birth or those that are particularly worried about birth”

Esther – 1st time mum.

“The course helped me to understand the HypnoBirthing method and how birth can be a pleasant experience.” Claire – 1st time mum.


“Our HypnoBirthing experience was absolutely amazing - we found the delivery of the course both easy to

follow, relaxed and easy to relate to and at times when we were unsure if we had grasped things, Terri made us feel very reassured.” Rowenna – 2nd time mum.


“The course was also informative and with every bit of knowledge we gained about the human body and what our baby was already equipped to do, we felt our confidence grow. We agree with all of the natural benefits of HypnoBirthing from the onset and feel this is key to building on your experience.” Ben – 2nd time dad.


“From having been part of a Hypnobirthing class previously this was a much more personal approach. Terri tailored the course content to our specific needs. Terri was able to offer specific fear release and turning scripts specific to our situation and reassure us that we had much more chance of being in control of this birth as we had far more time to prepare and practice specific and relevant techniques.” Amy 2nd time mum.


“We thoroughly enjoyed our classes with Terri each week. We now practice the relaxation, breathing and massage techniques each week to make sure they become a natural way to deal with our birthing experience.” Martin – 2nd time dad.

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