For those of you that are here who don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I thought I'd share this post as a blog here for you to read!

Whether you love working out or you've never stepped foot in a gym in your life - this post is relevant to you. It's a metaphor that we can all relate to! Those of you that follow me know that I'm a regular at KaPow (check them out) & during my time there I've noticed a number of things that remind me of my teaching & why/how people participate in Hypnobirthing classes. So I thought it would be fun to make a post out of it!

1) INVESTMENT - Yes, you could work out at home; you could take yourself off for a run, or watch some YouTube workouts & follow along, but we all know it's not the same! Investing in something you are serious about is important. If it means something to you - Invest! I pay a monthly subscription to my gym - not only does it make me accountable, but it also shows that I am invested in my journey/fitness/self care.

2) COACHING - Following along to an online workout doesn't give me knowledge on positioning, technique or safety. I don't have someone there guiding me though, adjusting the workout to suite me! Don't underestimate the advantages of being coached by a professional - someone who is a specialist in their field & is passionate about what they do.

3) ACCOUNTABILITY - it's soooo much easier to 'opt out' when no one is watching right?! It's hard to motivate yourself to do it on the days you're lacking in motivation/tired/fed up. That's where your gym coach gives you that kick up the butt you need to stay on track! When I've messaged kapow & said 'I'm gonna give today a miss because I've pulled my quad' she'll reply with 'get your butt here & I'll adapt your workout to avoid using it!' Having someone to answer too is vital to achieving your goals!

4) YOU GET BACK WHAT YOU PUT IN - rock up to the gym, do a leisurely 500 metres on the rower, f*ck around with the free weights, chat to your mate and head home drinking your protein shake!! Not gonna lie, I've been that person! But how different does it feel to dig deep, put the effort in, try hard, give it your all - when I have those days I feel so great that I'm working towards my goals & it leaves me with a real buzz!

So, moral of the story - Your pregnancy & birth journey is IMPORTANT. Invest in a passionate professional, who believes in you, will hold you accountable for your practice, adapt things if needed & who will be with you every step of the way! And before you know it you'll be seeing & feeling all the gaaains! ;)

And remember, it's all about the practice- I will teach you everything you need to know, it's then so so important that you put the effort in to keep going with everything that you've learned! I'll be there, dropping you messages, checking in and keeping you motivated; I'll be there to answer questions, offload, signpost and more.

My next Hypnobirthing group course is on 4th and 11th July - you can book your place on my website or email me - I currently have 1 space left for a private Hypnobirthing course in June, and 2 spaces left for July. My Hypnobirthing course really is a game changer - are you ready to invest in your pregnancy and birth experience?

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Here we have the wonderful story of Kelly’s Home Birth of her baby boy. Who was born unassisted at home weighing 8lb 7.5oz (as suspected ‘big baby’!) I worked with Kelly and Jim to help prepare them for their first baby nearly 5 years ago using hypnobirthing. Kelly returned for a Hypnobirthing refresher course with me with their second baby.

“It all started on Monday evening. I was hang out on all fours on as he was not settling into a good position and was sitting back to back. (To be honest it was quite a comfortable position to rest in too.) I got up after 15 mins and waters started to leak. Kept leaking on and off all night - had occasional cramps but nothing major. Saw midwife on Tuesday morning- she wanted to check me but was happy with BP and listened to baby. I was lucky with her - she was as opposed to VEs etc as much as I was unless necessary so never felt pressured into any checks. But she did lay on the 24-hour limit and booked me in for induction that evening at 11.30pm if labour hadn't started.

I expressed my concern about going down there unless I really had to - said what if I don't go down until the next morning and she pretty much said risk was only 1/2% more. But I agreed to speak to Treliske later that evening to let them know what I was going to do. I had also moved my last growth scan from that Monday until the following Friday (so it was after my EDD) so I didn't run into another ‘big baby’ concern conversation with consultants.

Anyway, I told myself I wasn't going to Treliske that night - the worry of it didn't help me at all but managed to put that to one side. Had a few more cramps in the car going home and during the next couple of hours whilst sat on my ball listening to Terri’s Hypnobirthing tracks. They were 20 mins plus apart but no real surges and weren't lasting very long. I was getting annoyed it wasn't progressing and by 4pm I got up to pack my daughter a bag to go to mums just in case. Surges started to come out of nowhere - I got in the shower, thought I was going to have a long night ahead of me. Jim (my partner) started to time them and over the next 40 mins they were every 2 or 3 mins but not lasting more than 30 / 40 seconds so I still didn't think I was anywhere near having this baby. Jim rang the midwife and she said she'd be 45 mins. Then pretty much out of nowhere I could feel him coming - told him to ring her back and say he's not going to wait 45 mins.

So a long story short, he arrived before the midwives did whilst I was stood in the shower, with Jim playing midwife!! The Midwife was on the phone whilst Jim was catching him and they arrived about 20 mins later. I was out of my zone without the tracks, so the breathing techniques really got me through. There was no way I was going to Treliske that night. Luckily, we were both fine and didn't need to transfer, had a 1st degree tear but midwife was happy I didn't need stitches. I just didn't have my waterbirth again even though the pool was blown up in my kitchen - we would never have filled it in time. But the shower was actually amazing once I was in there, I wasn't coming out for anything!

It was definitely a bit of a crazy day. He will definitely have a story to tell of how he came into the world! I was the talk of the pre school when my daughter went in and told them all I had him in the shower!

I ought to add to my story above that Ambre the midwife from the Newquay team was really supportive of me having a home birth and using hypnobirthing. It was really lovely to have her for all appointments and then for her to be able to come home once baby arrived, a much better experience than I had 4 years ago with midwife support

I've had 2 amazing intervention free births which I have felt in control of and couldn't have wished for better experiences - even though I didn't manage to get in the pool with either because they were both so quick. I can highly recommend working with Terri, the course gave me the best best labour and birth preparation I could have wished for.."

As you can see by Kelly's story, sometimes babies set their own pace and have their own agenda. This is why it is so important to be prepared and armed with techniques to keep you calm and focused, no matter what birth your baby decides is right for them! My next group Hypnobirthing course starts on July 4th,. You can find out all about me and my course on my free Hypnobirthing taster session on the 9th June at 7.30pm on Zoom. Book your place on my website or email to find out more.

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Spring is most definitely here, and don't things feel brighter and more positive when the sun is out?! I have been loving the sunshine and the new hope and optimism it brings, and I feel well and truly ready for warmer weather in the summer months to come. That being said, I'm not wishing my time away as I have some exciting things coming up over the next few months. My May group Hypnobirthing course starts on the 9th and my next free Hypnobirthing Taster Session is on Wednesday 9th of June at 7.30pm. This will be on Zoom & booking is open for this on my website or you can grab your space by clicking the link below. If you want to be super organised, dates for my July group Hypnobirthing course are on my website, again you can book via my website. I only have 1 space left in May for a private Hypnobirthing course, which I'm so pleased to say will be able to be taught face to face. Hypnotherapy and Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind sessions are also available on request. My Doula services are currently fully booked until mid June. Don't delay with getting in touch if you are interested in booking me as your Doula. Head over to my Instagram and read all about World Doula Week that happened back along. I posted some wonderful testimonials too!

Postnatal Prep Workshop - Group Offering

20th May 7.00pm - 9.00pm on Zoom

My 2 hour Postnatal Prep workshop is specifically designed to focus on and prepare you for the Forth Trimester. It is designed to be delivered antenatally, so that you have everything you need ahead of the postnatal period. Learning as a group is an alternative option to my private offering - this allows you to connect and meet other expectant parents and also get the workshop at a reduced rate compared to the private option. See below what is included in this workshop, and click the link to book you place. What is included in the workshop:

.⭐Immediately after birth – the first 24 hours and following days

⭐Womb to World - environment and changes

⭐‘Bouncing back’ - setting realistic expectations. Healing.

⭐The Settling in period - what is it, and how to plan for it.

⭐Bonding –Skin to skin, baby wearing, expectations.

⭐Feeding – Breastfeeding (initiating breast feeding/self-attachment/colostrum), Latch, Positioning, Expectations, Safe formula feeding, Signposting.

⭐Sleeping – Expectations V's The Facts, Safe sleep guidelines, Bed sharing safety, Signposting

⭐Self-care –What will YOU need? Delegation, visitors, Release the pressure that society puts on you, mental wellness, Making a Postnatal Plan

⭐Recommendations and sign posting.


The workshop comes with a handbook (PDF) outlining all that was covered during the session and also has space for you to make notes and start your postnatal planning. Also included is 2 specific relaxation tracks for the postnatal period.

As always, my social media is the place to keep up-to-date with all my upcoming events and courses. I also offer lots of free content including tips, tools and pregnancy and birth information, as well as it being a place to read some wonderful birth announcements and birth stories. I'd love to connect with you on my Instragram (@cornwallhypnobirthing) and Facebook accounts. If you have any queries or questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. email:

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