Huge congratulations to Sally and Richard on the wonderful arrival of their son Fox Michael Laity,

Born 9.00am at Helston Birth Unit on the 16th October 2020, 8 days before his EDD, weighing 7lbs 10 ounces. Below Sally shares her birth experience, and how Hypnobirthing and the amazing Midwives at Helston Birth Unit played an important role in her having the birth she hoped for and worked so hard to achieve.

Birth story

On the 15th of October I woke up with some cramping pains in my back that felt a bit like period pains and a strange feeling like I knew I was going into labour soon. I felt really relaxed about it and chatted with my partner Richard about what we would do if it happened today. Both of us kept getting excited and then saying 'it probably won't happen right now' and decided to go about our days as normal. I did some chores and things around the house until around 4pm when i started to feel some light surges coming on. I set up our birth ball and asked Richard to come home from work and cook me some snacks. We set up a space in the living room, popped some music on and started using the birth ball with some positions where Richard could support me. I used them alongside the breathing techniques from the hypnobirthing classes and it made me feel so in control of my surges. We both felt really relaxed and completely focused on the labour.

As the surges got stronger I went up to bed and got comfortable there, the midwife came out at around midnight and examined me to find out that I was 7cm dilated. I cried with relief as was so happy I had stayed at home until I was dilated. She commented on how calm I was and asked if I'd like to have the baby here at home as he might arrive soon, I said 'No thanks, Get me to Helston please! and we all drove over there.

When I got in the water it was such a relief, it took a lot of the tension away but it did start to feel like it was slowing my surges a little.  The midwives said it looked like the babies head was coming so we continued for some time pushing until I felt like I needed a rest and laid back in the pool. I think I had a lull at this point as my surges slowed completely and I couldn't seem to get his head down any further which was a getting frustrating! 

At 6am a midwife did a check on my progress and noticed that the babies head (which I felt I had been pushing down) was actually stuck behind my waters. She said the water sack had been stopping the babies head from emerging and I agreed to have the waters broken at 8am. I settled into a left lateral position out of the water and a new midwife gave me a good talking to (in a good way!) and started gearing me up for the final stage. I think I really needed someone to do that at this point in the labour as I had started to feel a bit frustrated and kept saying I couldn't do it. She told me I absolutely had this and I dug deep and pushed the babies head and then the body out at around 9am.  I felt like I had a real team around me, with Richard and the midwives all cheering me on which was amazing! I felt so brave and almost primal as I breathed through the surges and our little son arrived. It was such a positive experience and I look back on it now in awe of what my body has achieved, its truly the most phenomenal feeling! 

The hypnobirthing techniques I learnt with Terri, combined with pregnancy yoga and the support from Mazey/Helston midwives, has really transformed my birthing experience into something incredible. I've felt my birthing wishes were respected throughout and I was in complete control of my labour, which was really important for both myself and Richard. Hypnobirthing certainly made my birth a really positive experience, I feel very lucky to have found Terri and learnt about it, I definitely couldn't have done it without her. I have suffered from anxiety before and found Hypnobirthing so useful." If you are pregnant and wanting to achieve a powerful, positive birth, Hypnobirthing can help you to achieve your birthing goals. My next group course is in January 2021 and I have 2 space available for private courses in December. Visit my website ( or email me to book your space (

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Natasha and Gareth share their wonderful birth story of their daughter Autumn. This birth story is so inspiring and empowering – a true testament to the importance of investing time, money and energy into the birth experience you want and deserve.

'At 9pm on the Saturday night (9 days after my due date) my waters broke. My partner, Gareth, and I remained calm, quickly ate some food, bought the birth bag downstairs and pretty much just sat and waited. But nothing. Needless to say it was a huge anti climax. Sunday came around and I was advised to visit a midwife who, although very kind and understanding, informed me I had to book in for an induction if labour hadn’t started within 24 hours of my waters breaking due to the increased risks. I was gutted. This meant my whole birth plan of being at home for the majority of labour and then heading to Helston birthing pool would go straight out the window. After having a bit of cry, I was reminded by Gareth what Terri had told me. I have the power to say no, I don’t actually have to agree to anything I’m not comfortable with. My baby was happy and healthy, I was happy and healthy, why not just wait and see what happens over the next few days? I contacted my incredible midwife Shannon who reassured me I didn’t have to be induced and she was happy for me to wait, I also contact Terri who reassured me the risks are low and sent me various different articles to read. I felt informed, empowered and in control. I cancelled the induction and felt grateful that I had such incredible women supporting me in my decisions!

At 2.30am on Tuesday 13th October my surges started. I felt so excited; it had been a long wait and many hot curries, raspberry leaf tea and long walks later but I’m SO glad I waited for my little bubba to come when she was ready. I turned over to Gareth and told him my surges had started – he suggested we go back to sleep which we did. By 3.30am my surges were more intense. Gareth and I headed downstairs, put the fire on, fairy lights on, lit some candles and burnt some sage and palo santo. I listened to my hypnobirthing recordings from Terri and remembered the breathing techniques I learnt not only in my hypnobirthing classes but also in my pregnancy yoga classes with Michie. I was SO relaxed and felt so comfortable and safe at home. Gareth ran me a bath at around 9am and made me some food.

By 10am my surges were coming in fast so we called our midwife Shannon who came and assessed me at home. I was already 7cm dilated! I then had to make the decision to either stay at home or head to the birthing pool in Helston. We decided on the latter.

I cannot explain the joy I felt when I stepped into the pool. It was the first time in my pregnancy I actually felt weightless and so comfortable. I was so glad I made the decision to head to the birthing pool. The room was dimly lit, filled with fairy lights, inspiring birthing affirmations, and was just SO relaxing. We put my birthing playlist on and I concentrated on my breathing techniques I learnt from Terri. I found that the 4 in and 8 out worked best for me and being on all fours and squatting in the positions I learnt in my pregnancy yoga classes helped me really relax and open up.

The next few hours went by so quickly. We had asked my best friends and family to write us short letters or words of inspiration for Gareth to read to me during the birth. These letters were amazing, they gave me so much strength and I felt so much love. We were both in tears for the majority of the letters as we held each other I’ve never felt so loved and held in my whole life.

Then came the transition stage…Terri had talked about this in the course. The part where you completely doubt yourself and every decision you’ve ever made for your birth. I turned to Shannon and Gareth and told them I’m not doing this anymore, I can’t do it, I won’t do it and they have to take me straight to Truro. Both of them reassured me and reminded me that I was just experiencing the transition stage. I didn’t care; I wanted out, I wanted ALL the drugs. I remember thinking ‘why did I have to be a fucking hero and opt for this natural birth?!‘ BUT…this moment was short lived and it did pass! I don’t think Gareth would have reacted and dealt with me so calmly if we hadn’t learnt all of this on the course. I mean who’s going to argue with a fierce, roaring women mid child birth?! I can’t thank Gareth and Shannon enough for supporting me through that transition stage. I would have been SO unbelievably disappointed if I’d actually transferred to hospital due to a moment of self-doubt.

I can honestly say the actual birthing part of labour was so enjoyable. It felt so primal, so natural and this overwhelming feeling of euphoria came over me. As I noticed the surges change to downwards I turned to Gareth and said ‘I can feel her coming! We’re going to meet her soon!’ I loved this part, the breathing and actually working with my baby to breathe her out. At one point Shannon turned to me and said ‘Tash, reach around and feel her, her head is half way out!’ so I reached around and could feel this full head of hair! It was amazing! I laughed and cried all at the same time! Within minutes Autumn was born…the midwives told me to look down as she swam between my legs and I reached down and lifted her out of the water and onto my chest. Gareth and I held each other…we laughed, we cried and couldn’t stop looking at this amazing thing we had both created. I couldn’t believe she was finally here. It’s like a love you’ve never known.

Autumn was born at 5:06pm weighing 9lbs 9oz and a quarter! I had a small 2mm tear which didn’t need stitches. I did have to be transferred to hospital at around 7pm due to losing blood after the birth and I have to say everyone at Treliske were incredible. The nurses, midwives and doctors. It was such a positive experience and I can’t thank them enough.

I feel so grateful to Terri, my midwife Shannon and yoga teacher Michie. Without these incredible, badass women supporting me through my pregnancy and birth I doubt I would be writing this positive birth story today. I also feel so proud of my body – carrying my beautiful baby for 9 months and instinctively knowing how to birth her. And last but not least my partner Gareth. For being 100% involved in absolutely everything during the pregnancy and birth and respecting every single one of my pregnancy and birthing wishes. For loving and holding me through the birth, for being understanding and never leaving my side and for, most importantly during labour…feeding me ALL the jelly babies on demand.

Terri, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing course and the support you gave us after too. I've been recommending you to all my friends, it's the best decision we made.’

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I'm a little late to Mental Health Awareness Day, however I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on Self Care as self employed/small business owner, & what a difference it has made to my life over these past few months now that I am actively making sure I participate in it in the right way.

Firstly, this might be a controversial opinion but, I get really annoyed reading about self care suggestions such as "have a bath, drink a coffee, eat something nice, get a good nights sleep". Personally I don't think that's self care - I think that's a basic f*cking human right. Wash, drink, eat, sleep! That's basic care - like, the care minimum! The Google definition of Self Care is "the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health" and "the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress." So, let's cut the bullsh!t - having a bubble bath, eating a cake and trying to get 7 hours sleep is not self care, it's the minimum of what we need and deserve.

These past few months I've been practising self care in a different way; in a way that actually makes me feel good, puts myself first and protects my well-being. Previously I have been in the mindset of 'I'm too busy for that', or 'I can live without X,Y, Z' or 'that's not an essential' and something I'm terrible for 'business/child/relationship/etc comes first'. However through my coaching with Badass Birth and after reading Sarah Akwisombe 's book and listening to some Podcasts & Ted Talks, I have been making changes in the way I adopt self care. One of the biggest changes I've made is planning my down time & actually making it a priority. I used to hate seeing a blank page in my diary, it meant no work, & no work means no money. Where as now I make sure I have AT LEAST 2 blank days. I've come to realise that those days are so important. They are my days & are crucial for me to take care of myself.

I put myself first on those day. The biggest change - I say no WITHOUT GUILT to anything that I do not want to do on those days - even if it's my partner asking if I want to do something together. I spend money on myself - I'm not an extravagant person, in fact in the past I've actually been quite tight as I've always been counting the pennies - but now I'm buying myself lunch out, I'm visiting my osteopath more regularly, I invested in PT sessions with Kapow Healthy Living and I'm going to the gym 3x a week, I booked a massage, and subscribed to Audible, to list just a few things. Thanks to these changes I feel like I'm taking the best care of myself than I have in years. I completely understand that I'm a writing this from a place of privilege, however I urge anyone to look deeply in to their self care routine and really tune in to what you need and deserve. And I can tell you now - it's more than a bath and a cup of coffee!!

If you are thinking about booking a hypnobirthing course with me, bare in mind that my availability is limited, I only work 5 days a week, and my evening availability is even more restricted as I value my family time and down time. I will always do what I can to be accommodating and flexible, but get your Hypnobirthing and antenatal sessions booked in in advance to avoid disappointment. I only have one space remaining for private hypnobirthing course in November. Book now for December to get the dates you want.


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