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Hypnotherapy is an alternative healing method that is used to create subconscious change in a person in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings.  The use of hypnotic techniques will give you the power and confidence to make the changes you want to make in your life.  Hypnotherapy can assist with changing old habits, resetting negative behaviours, and challenging and discarding unhelpful self beliefs.. 

What is Hypnotherapy?

I specialise in:

  • Anxiety and Worry​

  • Stress

  • Confidence/Self-esteem

  • Phobias

  • Habits

  • Fear Release

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Pregnancy/IVF

  • Hypnobirthing

  • Birth Trauma

How can I help you?

The Initial consultation is free and will normally last approximately 30 minutes..

Each therapy session thereafter will last for approx 1 hour and costs £60

The number of sessions required will be discussed during the initial consultation depending on the client's individual needs.

The therapy takes place in my specially designed therapy room in Newquay, pictured above.

Please Contact Me for availability

How does it work?
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"I have had an issue with medical treatment to myself and family members for a long time and have regularly fainted at the most inappropriate moments. Finding Terri was the key to unlocking my past and facing the future stronger. Terri has helped me to deal with my past traumas through Hypnotherapy and the rewind technique, and then helped me prepare for my ICSI IVF cycle. My husband has been so surprised at the way I have changed towards medical treatment and I feel strong and capable going into each appointment too. I never thought I'd be happy and confident enough to inject myself, as normally I'm laid down facing the other way in the GP surgery! Words can't describe how beneficial I have found Terri's hypnotherapy service and I fully recommend going for sessions on whatever topic as she really does make things bespoke to the individual. I had a euphoric moment of letting go during my rewind sessions and I only wish I had found Terri sooner than I did. I hope one day I will need her hypnobirthing course in the future too. Thank you so much Terri." Hypnotherapy Client - Josie, Penryn

"Although I could hear everything Terri said, I was in such a deep state of relaxation that I felt like I couldn't move my head if I tried. I felt very comfortable and safe, so I was able to reach memories of the most traumatic parts of my labour that I couldn't actually remember before the session. It truly gave me a new perspective on my memories and the feelings/emotions attached. Since the session, I have found the memories don't trigger emotion like they used to, and I am able to process and move on from it."  Traumatic Birth Recovery - Emily

"I have never done hypnotherapy before and was unsure what result to expect over the phone. I have been through a lot of emotional trauma over the past year and I felt I really needed to release those emotions. I felt myself overreacting a lot of the time, often feeling unnecessarily overwhelmed, stressed, angry. At the same time, I felt detached from my emotions, unable to cry and unable to feel sad.

I had a wonderful session over the phone with Terri & I cannot recommend her enough! I felt such deep relaxation, I think the last time I felt so free was before I was an adult. I did not expect I could be transported into such a safe, deep relaxation over the phone. The result has been astonishing. I feel like a different person. I have been able to cry some of those well-needed tears & am feeling like myself again. I have more patience with my son, husband, life itself & feel much more deeply & enjoy life fully again!

I am so grateful for Terri's incredible guidance, love and professionalism. She has helped enhance my quality of life so much! Especially during these challenging times, I would recommend to anyone to book in for a session with Terri and I am sure you will feel more relaxed, more clear, more happy and more yourself" Nadine, St Eval


"Terri is very personable, non judgmental, transparent and provides a very relaxing and inviting environment for hypnotherapy. Felt totally at ease and Terri is incredible at what she does. Highly skilled lady and I felt more relaxed after the session than I have in ages" Stacey, Newquay

"I visited the lovely Terri for Hypnotherapy for a long standing fear of flying having gone to her wonderful relaxation classes and having hypnobirthing sessions with her when my daughter was born 2 years ago. The hypnotherapy was so relaxing and Terri guided me through the session unearthing some very interesting things! She then sent me away with relaxation homework to do before the flight. Previously my fear of flying would have started weeks before but this time I felt no pangs of anxiety as the day arrived to fly.

 The flight was so lovely and exciting and in fact it reduced me to tears of happiness from actually flying without all the anxiety and fear I’d had for decades. Even a 9 hour delay on the way back didn’t heighten any anxiety.

 I cannot recommend Terri and her hypnotherapy enough - I even had to message her from holiday to tell her how well the hypnotherapy had worked and how fabulous the flight was, even with a toddler!" Claire, Truro

"I have suffered from self-diagnosed Anxiety for around 3 years. Due to my anxiety I over think everything, even things that don’t need to be given that much thought, I obsess over them and find myself in a pit, or a rut of thinking which I can’t escape from.. This process of thinking affected me inside and I often felt quite stressed about it all. It affected my self-confidence and self-belief and was getting in the way of me enjoying life day to day. 

I went for 2 sessions of Hypnotherapy with Terri and was absolutely over the moon with the results. It completely changed how I was feeling. My mind became clearer and I felt so much more in control. I couldn’t quite believe how different I felt. The only way I can describe it is like Terri provided me with a ‘skip’ button – like when you’re listening to music on your phone and a song comes on that you don’t want to listen to, in the past I would have just had to listen to that song, sometimes over and over, even if I didn’t want to, but now I have skip button and the power to just skip the song that I don’t want to listen to. I’ve never had that control before. It's honestly changed my life and i now have the confidence to apply for the Air force, which is my dream." Harvey, Bude

"Just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you for last weeks hypnotherapy session. I have had some of the best nights sleep I've had in years since seeing you. The MP3 recording is so useful and helps me to drift off each night. After suffering with insomnia for years and trying everything under the sun to try and combat it I have to admit I was sceptical, however I can honestly say it's worked a treat and my day to day world seems so much more enjoyable now that I am not a walking zombie! Thank you so much." Dean, Bodmin

"I had some hypnotherapy to deal with my anxieties and stress with 'life', my pregnancy and upcoming birth, which I found invaluable. I found Terri's approach very kind, genuine and informative. She was always so welcoming and friendly while still professional. I found my meetings with her like going to see a good friend and getting my brain cleansed at the same time lol! I have and would again and again promote Hypnobirthing, Hypnotherapy and Terri to anybody. It has literally changed my life." Sam, Newquay

"I visited Terri (Cornwall HypnoBirthing & Hypnotherapy) for EFT and had several sessions for anger & motivation. Her sessions were relaxed, informative and I felt at ease talking through my issues. I'd never had EFT before and wasn't sure about what to expect but the results were incredible. I would recommend EFT & Hypnotherapy with Terri to anyone. Brilliant!" Natalie, Newquay

Client Feedback

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