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One-to-One Power Hour - £50

Pick the brains of an experienced antenatal educator with over 8 years experience in the birth world. 

My one-to-one power hour offers a dedicated and safe space for you to ask anything pregnancy or birth related. You can use it for anything at all - Unanswered or burning questions, to work through fear or confusion, support with special circumstances, help with putting together a comprehensive birth plan, Hypnobirthing relaxation techniques, advocacy skills, active birth suggestions, or even to talk through a recent midwife appointment that has left you feeling anxious or concerned.  I can help with signposting you to evidence based information, provide you with a range of facts and statistics or simply support you with feeling calm and confident approaching your birth. 

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Birth Planning Workshop - £50

This one hour workshop is for you if:

You have no idea where to start with creating your birth plan.

You know you need one but you don't really know why.

You feel like there are a lot of 'gaps' in your current plan.

You want to gain a better understanding of your rights and options.

You want a birth plan template to help you get started.

My Birth Planning workshops are offered as a private session or as a group (on Zoom).

Find out when my next Birth Planning workshop is here or contact me to book a private session

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Rebozo Workshop - £50 (this service is currently unavailable)

One hour Rebozo workshop for couples where you can learn some simple rebozo techniques to relieve discomfort, gently relieve the pressure of the baby on mothers pelvic structure, relieve the birther’s body of stress and relax tight ligaments; as well as learning ways to support your partner during labour and birth using scarf massage.

A Rebozo is a Mexican shawl/scarf. The Rebozo techniques originated in Mexico when women (and midwifes) used their long shawls, to wrap around themselves during labour which supported the weight of the baby and achieved a gentle massage. It can also help a partner to relieve the mother/pregnant person of the weight they are carrying and help them to be in a position that facilitates labour and birth. This technique has now been developed and is becoming more and more well known.


Workshop Feedback:

"We found Terri’s rebozo workshop absolutely wonderful. Whoever thought working with a scarf could make you feel so amazing! The biggest benefit for me was the feeling of weightlessness that it can create. You don’t get a break from being pregnant and the weight that you have to carry around so when someone supports your bump through the rebozo techniques it’s quite honestly amazing. It’s also so relaxing, especially the position where the scarf is supporting your head. We loved doing the workshop as a couple and look forward to practising the techniques to use during the birth of our baby. Terri delivered the workshop in her usual informative and supportive style, we have so much trust in her and her ability to help us make the birth of our baby the natural and miraculous experience it should be. Thank you Terri!"

Find out more about the wonderful art of Rebozo here

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