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Are you feeling stressed?

Exhausted? Trouble sleeping? Anxious?

or just in need of some general relaxation?

If you are pregnant and feeling you'd like to learn some relaxation techniques to aid your pregnancy and that you can use during birth. Or if your not pregnant but are feeling stressed, exhausted, anxious, have trouble sleeping or just in need of some general relaxation this workshop is for you....

This one-off workshop is designed to equip you with practical tools and skills you can use to help you take control of such issues, during a relaxing and rejuvenating 90 minutes with Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Practitioner Terri Barbery-Redd.

The Workshop includes Breathing Techniques, Instant and Rapid Relaxation Techniques, Guided Visualisation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Mindfulness. You will also receive an MP3 guided relaxation recording at the end of the workshop.
Cornwall Hypnobirthing Cornwall Hypnobirthing Cornwall Hypnobirthing

10 places available per workshop.

Cost: £15 per person.
Venue: Newquay, St Austell, Falmouth, (coming soon to Wadebridge)


I also offer this workshop as bespoke private sessions - for more details Contact Me

Feedback from previous workshops:

"Attended Terri’s relaxation group this evening and cannot rate it high enough! Warm welcome, great venue with parking, good value for money and got out of it exactly what I wanted. I have come away feeling rejuvenated and have techniques that I can use at home, in the car and at work. The session went so fast and yes I did almost fall asleep! Highly recommend!" Sarah


"I’ve just got back from a relaxation workshop with Terri, absolutely fantastic! I cannot recommend it enough for anyone who just needs to take some time out from the world! Terri is just brilliant and has the ability to take you to the most beautiful places within your own mind. Such a wonderful 90 minutes, I feel so calm and chilled. Thanks so much Cornwall Hypnobirthing for one of the loveliest Friday nights I’ve had" Corrina


"I absolutely loved the Relaxation Workshop on Friday night. As a busy, over-stretched mum of 2 little ones I rarely get any time to myself (and I now know I’m not alone!) so to indulge in 90 minutes of blissful relaxation was such a treat! The techniques that you taught us make so much sense and I’ve already managed to draw on them over the past few days. The guided visualisations were wonderful too - I drifted off in the second one which is a real compliment to your calming, nurturing guidance. 

Thank you for reaching out to the frazzled mum market and giving us the opportunity to learn how to relax in an otherwise chaotic world - what a wonderful gift."


"Fridays workshop was fab!  I'd definitely come along to another just to have that guided relaxation and to keep in touch with the skills.  I have already used the breathing and am really looking forward to using the free download ( hopefully without jumpy legs!) I would totally recommend it to other pregnant Mums."


"I have just woken up from the BEST sleep. I have no trouble getting to sleep, but I often wake up in the middle of the night.

Last night I attended Terri’s relaxation workshop, so when I woke in the night I instantly used 2 of the techniques I learnt, to drift off. I don’t remember much after that and I must have only been awake for a minute!

On top of this, the 1.5 hour session of relaxation made me reflect deeply on life, something I never ever do in the hustle and bustle of business and ‘Mum’ing’, and help me to realise what matters most and what I want.

I can HIGHLY recommend this workshop for ANYONE. These are absolute essential life skills, in this day and age, as we rush through life!"


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Relaxation Workshop and I have recommended it to friends. Thank you so much for your email, the MP3, the  tips and information sheets also.

I found it useful and beneficial, as I experience anxiety and depression, and although I practice breathing techniques, visualisations and mindfulness, I have learnt new techniques and came away feeling very positive and relaxed. I use these now in my day to day routine and I will use them in the labour and birth. Thank you so much."


"I really enjoyed the workshop! I am really hopefully that those sorts of breathing and relaxation techniques are going to get me through a nice natural water birth..

The relaxation methods and advice are brilliant, especially with the hand outs and mp3 to back it up as I’m pretty sure I nodded off I was so relaxed! I tried it last night when I got home and had a better nights sleep already. 

I’d definitely recommend the workshop (and have). 

Thanks very much.."


"I have been struggling to sleep since my baby bump has grown to a size where I can no longer sleep on my back. I often am unable to get comfortable and find that my mind races when I try and switch off.  Your Relaxation Workshop has really helped me - I use the breathing techniques to help me get to sleep and the visualisation is so useful to quiet my mind. I can see these techniques being used well after my baby is born. Thank you." Emma

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