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Independent Health and

Wellbeing Champion

***Mindfulness, Relaxation, Stress Relief, General Wellbeing***

Workshops available to Businesses, Primary and Secondary School, Colleges, Sixth Forms and Universities,

for both staff and students.

Staff Wellbeing Workshops

The Facts:

At least one in six workers experiences common mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. Research shows work is the biggest cause of stress in people's lives, more so than debt or financial problems. Stress can stop people performing at their best. (Ref:

Research by confirms that a culture of fear and silence around mental health is costly to employers:


·  More than one in five (21%) agreed that they had called in sick to avoid work when asked how workplace stress had affected them

·  14% agreed that they had resigned and 42% had considered resigning when asked how workplace stress had affected them

· 30% of staff disagreed with the statement ‘I would feel able to talk openly with my line manager if I was feeling stressed’

·  56% of employers said they would like to do more to improve staff wellbeing but don't feel they have the right training or guidance

A certain amount of stress is part of everyday life, so it is unrealistic to suggest we can eliminate it completely from our lives. However, what we can do is learn to work with our stress, to deal with it better, to learn some simple self-help techniques and coping strategies that can keep our mind and body healthy, and to build our resilience when we feel stressed.  


Relaxation is an essential part of a busy life. However, how many people actually take the time in their day to unwind, practice some mindfulness, or clear their head of the stresses of their work day? When stress isn’t released it builds up and this can create a number of mental health concerns for people. In some cases, it can lead to burn out, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and even mental breakdowns.


With a huge national focus on Mental Health and Well-being in the work place, it is becoming more important to provide employees with the opportunities to look after themselves. By teaching your workforce the type of practical skills this workshop provides, employers can:

·         create a happy and healthier working environment

·         make your employees feel valued and cared for

·         work towards breaking down the barriers of employees sharing how they feel

·         reduce the number of employees taking time off with work related stress

·         get the best out of your employees, as they will feel better able to cope in stressful situations/when

          under pressure

I offer 2 Workshop Options - 2 hours or 1.5 hours - Each workshop can accommodate 10 – 15 people (minimum charge 10 people regardless if less attend)


The workshops I provide can be tailored to business requirements. I offer a free consultation where we can discuss your specific needs - this can be done over the phone. 

Please contact me to discuss the cost of workshops and to arrange your free consultation.

Student Wellbeing Workshops

The Facts:

*Three in four mental illnesses start in childhood

*75% of mental illnesses start before a child reaches their 18th birthday

*50% of mental health problems in adult life (excluding dementia) take root before the age of 15.

*10% of school children have a diagnosable mental illness

*In an average class of 30 young people, three will have a mental health problem.

*Figures show 10% of children aged 5-16 have been diagnosed with a mental health problem.

*In the past 5 years anxiety in teenagers has risen by 70%

The harsh reality is that 75% of young people with a mental health problem are not receiving treatment. There’s been a rise in the time children are having to wait to receive treatment for complex mental health conditions, and children with depression and anxiety are often not being identified or given help.

Anxiety and panic attacks, stress, depression and sleep problems are often common place for our young people and it is affecting all aspects of their lives - including their school based performance in the classroom and during exams. This can have a huge impact on their future outcomes and next destinations. 

I offer classroom based Wellbeing Workshops where I teach a range of simple but effective self help skills, which allow young people to actively cope better with a number of the common mental health issues they face. 

The workshops I provide can be tailored to key stage requirements. I offer a free consultation where we can discuss specific needs - this can be done over the phone. 

Please contact me to discuss the cost of workshops and to arrange your free consultation.

Workshop Feedback

"Thank you for coming to talk to the ladies of the Newquay Thursday Club and facilitating a wonderful short workshop on mindfulness with relaxation techniques. Your workshop was so calming we were immediately lulled into a state of tranquillity. I have never known the group to be so peaceful! The advice you offered on “being in the moment ”was so simple and yet so effective. I am sure that the breathing skills exercises will frequently be put to use. We all lead such busy lives and feel the strains and stresses of our times yet you showed us how to slow down and have time for ourselves – a time to relax and ease our anxieties. It was marvellous! I have met with some of the club members again this morning and they said how much they had enjoyed the session. We are sincerely grateful for the time you spent with us." Maggie Biddle - Newquay Thursday Club


"Terri came to ShelterBox to run a mindfulness session as part of our Wellness Wednesday campaigns. From start to finish she is professional, relaxed and experienced in what she does. The organisation of the session was so easy and Terri responded quickly to any requests or questions. This made for a valuable workshop that gave all of those that attended the knowledge and skills they needed to be able to allow some time for 'mindfulness' in their own personal life. Thanks Terri we would welcome you back in the future!"

Lauren Turner - ShelterBox UK

"I found the mindfulness course I attended on a Staff Wellbeing workshop extremely helpful. It made so much more aware of being mindful about everything I do – even eating my breakfast.

I use the relaxation techniques regularly especially when I am finding it hard to sleep because I’ve stayed up too late working and can’t switch off. Focusing on breathing helps to ease my brain and helps me to stop worrying about work. I also use the visualisation technique when I feel too stressed and can’t focus as a result – I always end up visualising stepping down into that special place – this really helps to put things into perspective and after just a short time I feel more energised and able to crack on with what I need to do."

B Lyle – History Teacher


"Terri has delivered a couple of meditation relaxation sessions with staff at Wadebridge School. During the sessions we were taught techniques to help us relax. This has been particularly useful to me as at times I struggle to sleep and would often wake up in the early hours thinking about school. These meditation techniques have really taught me ways to relax and enable me to drop back off to sleep." 

A Boden – Head of Business Studies

"I have attended 2 of Terri's staff well-being workshops now and can honestly say they are the best twilight hours I have spent in my whole year! I learnt some really useful techniques which help me in and outside of school. Particularly the breathing techniques and visualisation which can help me get to sleep as this is something I struggle with. The guided meditation is brilliant and I actually fell asleep during it I was that relaxed!"

D Darbourne - Dept. Head of Key Stage 4/Music Teacher

Feedback from a Mental Health in Young People workshop delivered to SCITT Students at Truro University.

"I just wanted to say a very big thank you for your session you delivered to the trainee teachers; it was lovely to meet you and to be able to share your expertise with a wider audience.

Trainee feedback was really positive and they were totally engaged with your content, ideas and delivery. It has helped to switch them on to wanting to do more, which is always the outcome we like.

I do hope you will come back again next year to repeat the session as it's such a vital part of what our young people need. I do hope you enjoyed it as much as they did.

Alison - Programme Manager, Cornwall SCITT

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