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The Secret to Your Future History!

Happy New Year to you! In this months blog I'd like to introduce you to a concept created and developed by Dr Alan Jones. I recently attended a workshop of Alan's and purchased a copy of this new book 'The Secret to Your Future History - Dream Realisation Technique'. I've just finished reading it and want to share my learning with you, and maybe inspire you to read or find out more. I think it's a really constructive time to learn news things, as January is well known for being the month of change, of new beginnings and resolutions.

Now I would imagine that most of you have heard of the ground breaking book 'The Secret? It talks about changing your mindset, focusing on what you want and sending that thought out in to the universe. You get back what you send out. - believe and the universe will provide - repeat an affirmation until the change happens. (this is a very brief outline!). Now I've been a lover of this book for many years, however after I read Alan's book I realised that actually there is a lot more to it that just making something happen through positive thinking alone. When I really thought about it, all of my positive and lasting change, all of my successes and my goals have been achieved through me making it happen; through ACTION - now yes, I've changed my mindset, I've used affirmations, I've created positive thoughts, but ultimately it's my actions that have supported the thoughts that have created my successes.

Now don't get my wrong, I totally believe in the power of the mind. I live by it, teach it, use it in my therapies and workshops etc, and completely know the power of a positive mindset, however the concept of putting a thought out there and just expecting it to happen without any effort on your part doesn't really sit well with me. Where is the sense of achievement? Where does the responsibility lie when you're expecting the universe to make something happen for you? And what if it doesn't happen? Does that mean the universe hates you, or that you're not worthy? Does that mean that you aren't being positive enough, thinking hard enough? So in this respect you could say that the concept is floored.

"A thought without action is just a thought."

What about being proactive as well as sending it out to the universe - surely that's a much better thing to do?

Want to shift a few pounds and tone up - I can guarantee you that actively 'doing' as well as sending out positive thoughts is going to do more for you then just letting the universe change it for you.

Want to rid yourself of anxiety or panic attacks - yes, a positive mindset is essential, daily affirmations will support this change; however rather than sitting back and letting the universe change it for you, you could actively seek out ways to make this happen too - join a support group, share your feelings, find a therapist or counsellor, keep a feelings journal to work out your triggers, practice mindfulness, improve your self care, exercise regularly, eat a healthy balanced diet, get more fresh air, practise yoga or breathing techniques. These positive actions will motivate you and give you a real sense of responsibility and achievement.

So this brings me on to Alan's concept. It does encompasses traits of The Secret - a positive mindset and goal setting - he talks about MAPping your future:

M - Mindset

A - Actions

P - Perspective

which shows that mindset is still a huge part of the 'solution' but it is coupled with action and perspective too.

He also outlines 7 key ideas that make up the secret to your future history.

  • Happiness - Happiness is not something you get, but rather something you do

  • Stories - "We are but the stories we tell ourselves" Self talk, mindset

  • Motivation - create goals, be active, SMARTER targets

  • Decisions - being in line with you want, being responsible for your own decisions

  • Shifting - seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling both emotionally and kinaesthetically

  • Change - understand that you have the power to effect changes and that change is inevitable

  • Spirituality - cause and effect. Being connected to all around you, rather than a religious belief or concept

He states that all of these concepts are linked and create a cycle. To get the full understanding of this concept I urge you to read the book or visit his website,, however I will outline the link between the 7 key ideas here:

Doing Happiness (remember happiness is something you do rather than something you get) results in the need to question the Stories we tell ourselves, which in turn impacts on our Motivations. To be creatively motivated we need to make Decisions and Shift towards our future history. This means we need to embrace Change. Recognising the connections between cause and effect; every other person and the view of the world defines out Spirituality, which influences our ideas about Happiness.

So, to summarise, when you are wanting to make change, achieve a goal, create a future history - have a clear picture of what you want, find a clear future history to work towards., change your mindset, think positively and take action, and then embrace the journey knowing you are responsible for your achievements!

To find out more about Dr Alan Jones visit his website or find him on social media.

Don't forget I offer a range of solution focused therapies, as well as relaxation and mindfulness workshops which maybe of interest to you on your journey to achieving your goals or making positive change.. Please email for more information.

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