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It's So Important to Know Your Rights!

What are Birth Rights?

Birth rights refer to the rights of every person to access the necessary resources and services at the time of their birth. This includes the right to safe and adequate health care, the right to a safe and clean birthing environment, the right to informed consent, the right to privacy and dignity, the right to have a support person of one's choice present, the right to informed and unbiased advice, and the right to make informed decisions about one's own health and wellbeing. Birth rights are essential to ensuring that every birth is safe and that every person has access to the best possible care.

How does that affect you?

When it comes to pregnancy, labour and birth, it is so important to know your birth rights and to take control of your body autonomy. After all, the power to make decisions about your own body and your own birth experience is a powerful one. It's important to remember that when it comes to birth, you are in charge; y ou have the right to make choices that are right for you and your baby, regardless of what is recommended or written in hospital guidelines. Taking control of your own body and birth experience is something to be proud of and your care providers should encourage you to be informed and empowered when it comes to choice. It also helps to build a positive anticipation of what's to come, rather than being fearful or scared of the unknown.

How can I learn?

A great way to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions is to do some high quality independent antenatal education. This can be a great way to learn about the importance of birth rights and how to make sure these are respected throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth. So many clients who I have worked with in the past have said how empowering it is to know and understand your rights. Knowing that you can make decisions that are right for you and your body is a real game changer. Being informed and aware of your options can make all the difference in the birth experience and ensure that you have the best possible experience.


You are in control (regardless of what you may have been lead to believe) and you have the right to make decisions that are right for you, to say no to something that you do not want, and to decline and accept things as you see fit – so take the time to make sure you know your rights and take control of your birth experience.

Your Baby, Your Body, Your Choice!

About Me!

My Hypnobirthing course is a full antenatal education programme, where you not only learn a number of Hypnobirthing relaxation techniques and Hypnobirthing breathing techniques; but you will also learn about your birth rights, the importance of informed consent, how to plan for a positive birth experience, the impact birth environment has on your labour and birth, the important role of the birth partner and sooo much more. I run group Hypnobirthing classes and also private/one to one hypnobirthing courses face to face and online. My other antenatal services include Doulaing (in Cornwall), private antenatal sessions, birth planning sessions, power hours, birth debriefs, traumatic birth recovery, and clinical hypnotherapy. Please visit to find out more information or email me on to arrange a free consultation.

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