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Hypnobirthing Misconceptions

This post was inspired by someone who had booked on to my free taster session next week. Yesterday I received an email saying that they would no longer be attending because their birth plan had changed, as they had been advised to give birth in a hospital "for safety" (don't get me started!) due to high blood pressure. She finished the email with "Sorry for the inconvenience perhaps another time I may get the chance to experience Hypnobirthing." This sentence made me super sad :(

This is not an uncommon thought - the misconception that Hypnobirthing is only for home births/low risk/water births/straightforward pregnancies etc - It couldn't be further from the truth! Hypnobirthing is for all births! The abdominal births, the IVF conception pregnancies, the gestational diabetes birthers, the over 40s, the planned hospital births with epidurals, the inductions, and the birth centre, water birth, home birth too - EVERYTHING!

Don't be fooled by the name. Don't write it off because you believe it no longer applies to you. The tools and skills that you will learn on a Hypnobirthing course will be with you on your journey, no matter where that may be, and no matter what turn your birthing takes. If anything I would say you need Hypnobirthing EVEN MORE, if you are birthing in a hospital setting and having medical interventions suggested to you that you hadn't planned for!

There is still time to sign up for my free Hypnobirthing taster session on Wednesday 15th September at 7.30pm on Zoom. Grab a cuppa, get comfy and learn about what Hypnobirthing IS! Hint, it's just what you need!

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