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Covid-19 Changes to Services

Firstly, I hope that those of you reading this, are safe and well,

With the current global pandemic bringing some really challenging times for many small businesses, many of us face to face antenatal teachers and therapists have quickly had to adapt and work out how we can continue to work, keep our business afloat and still give our clients the best support.

I have thankfully managed to adapt all of my services and they are all offered remotely via Zoom, WhatsApp Video or phone. Which also means not only can I offer my services to Cornwall/Cornish folk, but I can now reach far and beyond!

My services: 🌟Hypnobirthing private courses 🌟Antenatal classes 🌟Hypnotherapy 🌟Traumatic Birth Recovery 🌟Relaxation and Mindfulness sessions 🌟Talking therapy You may have noticed that many hypnobirthing practitioners and antenatal teachers have turned to creating online workshops - however this is not something I will be doing. My main reason for this is because I truly believe that when you book (any of my services) with me you are investing in ME! My passion, my knowledge, my skills, my energy and enthusiasm - all of this just can not come across with an online version. During my hypnobirthing courses and antenatal classes I encourage questions and discussion and open communication and interaction. I love it when something sparks a question and then we go off to explore further and discuss more - it's the best way to learn. And that is why I will be keeping all my teaching face to face (in the virtual sence!!) so that I am still holding that open, safe space for you to question, discuss and interact with me. However, if you are interested in an online course to add to your learning then I would highly recommend Megan @Birth_ed course - I even have a Cornwall HypnoBirthing discount code which will get you 10% off when purchasing. Use CH10 at the checkout.

My new tripod has been a life saver and it's all set up and ready to deliver the same quality content as ever, from the comfort of my sofa to yours. Please do not be put off by the fact that my services will be delivered in a different way. My unwavering commitment to my clients will never change. I promise to deliver the same content, the same support and guidance, the same information and tools, with the same care, love and attention as always. I am already receiving some wonderful feedback from my current clients and I'm so pleased with how the virtual teaching still feels very personal and connected.

I will be offering message/text/phone support to clients past, present (and future!) as always. It is very clear that we have some challenging times ahead. Small businesses like mine will have to make some chances to stay afloat. My pricing structure has been adjusted accordingly, however I understand that this is a very challenging time, so if you are interested in my services but unable to financially commit at this present time then please email me and we can chat through options. I would be keen for skills swaps, setting up payment plans and other means to make it happen!

Big love to you all. Stay indoors and stay healthy. Terri xx

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