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Course Details

The Hypnobirthing course can be delivered in 2 ways - A one-to-one session in the comfort of your own home or in my specially designed therapy room in my home in Newquay; or a group class at a venue in Newquay. With the private course the course can be structured in 2 ways - e.g. 3x 3.3 hour sessions or 2x 5 hour sessions. There is no right or wrong time to start the course; anywhere between 17-35 weeks pregnant, depending on your needs and my availability. Around 20 weeks seems to be the most popular and works well.

Partners will play a key role in your birthing, so I believe that they should be part of the process leading up to it; they are much more than mere bystanders; they are invited to attend the full course with you so that you can learn together. However, I have worked with a number of pregnant people on their own, so it can be done with just you, but hopefully your partner will want to be involved if they can. If you do not have a partner but will be having a friend or a member of your family with you whilst giving birth then it would be great if they could attend the sessions with you. 

I offer free travel for anywhere up to 15 miles outside of Newquay which is where I'm based. Every mile after that is charged at 45p per mile and is invoiced at the end of the course. As part of the course fee you will get 10x Hypnobirthing MP3's to download and keep, Birthing Affirmations, and a Cornwall Hypnobirthing handbook (almost 100 pages!) which includes resources, scripts, positive visual images and much more to aid your Hypnobirthing experience. Also, you get full access to my online Client Hub -  a password protected portal with all the information you need, from extra reading, birth plan downloads, affirmation colouring pages, links to recommended website sites , birth videos and so much more. 

Please contact me for course prices and availability or visit my book online page to find out more.

I run a group course every other month, eg: January, March, May etc, and my current course dates can be found on the 'Book Online' page on my website.

There are 6 places available (1 place per couple) on each course - please visit the book online section of my website to book a place or contact me for more details.

Feedback from previous face to face group courses:

"It’s the best thing we’ve done so far as part of our pregnancy journey. I was a bit worried beforehand that we’d been rash in spending so much money when things are tight, but honestly within the first half an hour on the first day I was already so glad we did it. And by the end of the 2 full days, more than worth every penny. If I knew anyone who was pregnant, I’d totally tell them to do the course." Gemma - 1st time mum


"We just loved it. My husband did a total 180. He went from thinking we should birth in hospital and just 'do as we're told' to talking about potentially home birthing. We both feel so prepared. Your course really helped us so much. I wondered if I would get what I wanted from a course titled Hypnobirthing, but you course really is like no other. You are worth every penny and I can't wait to give birth and share my story with you." Claire - 1st time mum


"A brilliant informative and educational course. Worth while for all birthing people and birthing partners. Really worth it!

Sian - 1st time mum

"A massive thank you for creating such a well balanced holistic course, that considers all types of births and champions the fact no one way is right. Also that with the right skills and knowledge you can and should have a positive birth whatever the journey." Josie and Andrew - 1st time parents


"A completely unexpected and eye-opening learning experience. I was initially apprehensive as 'hypnobirthing' didn't sound like something I could relate to, but I agreed to attend for my partner. I have come away thinking that perhaps all pregnancy/birthing education should be like this! It was such a positive experience. Thank you Terri." First time dad


"The course was informative and practical and the recordings were helpful. It's given us a very different view to the previous NCT course we did with our last pregnancy. Terri was very clear and passionate. " Sarah - 2nd time mum


"Absolutely amazing! Very in detail about how the mind andbody work. I feel so much more educated and excited for my birth . Very happy, thank you." Rosee -2nd time mum


"This course has made me feel confident to make well informed choices and know that its ok to be vocal about what me and my partner want. It was so enlightening on how I can help and impact on a positive birth experience. Greta and Daryosh - first time parents


"I found the Hypnobirthing course to be very informative It gives a great insight in to how you can choose to give birth without being told what you should do. I found the breathing techniques helpful even though I'm not the one giving birth! … I now feel much calmer, at ease and confident to have the positive birth experience I envisioned. Hypnobirthing has given me the knowledge I need to have a positive outlook on my future birthing day."  Chris and Steph - first time parents


"The Hypnobirthing course is based on evidence, theory and techniques and has allowed me to fell 100% more informed about the birth processes and the options we have. I now feel confident, ready and excited to experience the birth and empowerment. Thank you." Bryony - first time mum


"Amazing class and course. Definietly changed my view of how I want to have my natural birth. Took away lots of fear and gave me so much information. Thank you so much Terri!" Clanjo - First time mum

"Highly recommend HypnoBirthing group course with Terri. The classes are small and Terri is really engaging. HypnoBirthing makes so much sense, I'm really looking forward to my birth now.

I  even feel I am prepared if things don't go the way we plan, which I didn't realise would of upset me until we discussed alternative births with Terri - what if I'm overdue, what if they offer me xyz, what if I end up having to have a c section - but these don't worry me as much either now as I feel confident in my choices.

Iv enjoyed learning the breathing techniques which also help when you need to nap or if I want to encourage baby to move.

My partner took some serious persuading to join me on the first session as he was worried about it being very "hippy" however he also thoroughly enjoyed it and came to every session. I feel confident that he has an understanding of why I want to do this and how he can help and be apart of it too.

Really nice to meet a few new people who I have things in common with. I’m looking forward to sharing birth stories with them and exchanging methods we try, and just having someone to chat to at 3am as potentially we’ll all be up feeding at the same time. It's really funny how sad it is when the classes are over, but we have already arranged our next tea and cake meet up though!" Claire - First time mum

"I had read and heard a bit about Hypnobirthing so knew it was something I wanted to know a bit more about once we found out we were expecting. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find any support in Cornwall, but a quick search and I found Cornwall Hypnobirthing. Terri has been a delight from the very beginning answering my random emails asking about classes and what to expect all the way through to the actual course. My husband joined me and we both thoroughly enjoyed every week. We both feel so much more at ease about what's happening to my body, our baby and the birth. I'm actually excited to give birth now knowing that Terri has given me the tools to do so calmly and with confidence. The class was a small group which was lovely as it gave us time to get to know the other parents-to-be and we're all staying in touch which is great. I would definitely recommend attending one of Terri's courses or even a taster session or relaxation class if you're unsure. You'll soon feel so proud to be pregnant and in control of your birth no matter which way the path turns. Plus the birth partners feel much more part of the whole experience which is super. The course is definitely one of the best decisions we've made in preparation of becoming parents. Thank you Terri!"  Susie - First time mum

What are people saying about the Zoom group courses?

Terri was amazing and made you feel at ease straight away. She is always happy to answer any questions and even though the course was through zoom I felt an excellent rapport and comfort. I feel so positive about my upcoming birth.

Overall the course was really good and I am so glad that I have done it, and extremely glad my partner did it to! I researched a lot of hypnobirthing course in Cornwall and would chose Terri's again. 

The course was well run and went into detail in every aspect I could have hoped for. I loved the the layout including interactive quiz and watching real life Hypobirthing clips.

Terri was incredibly easy to talk to/ask questions etc, it felt like you could ask her anything and never feel silly. We didn’t really know what to expect entering this course but we have left feeling empowered and calm. We have lots of reading to do but feel happy knowing Terri is still there if we hit a hurdle.

Its one of the best things we have ever signed up to and we would highly recommend.

We really enjoyed the course and got a lot from it. We are heading in to birthing later this month and are feeling excited, confident and united as a team thanks to Terri. We’ve been able to make informed choices this far and feel prepared.

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