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When Baby Decides The Time Is Right!

The unplanned homebirth of Kelly and Phil’s second daughter is completely amazing to read – a wonderful example of the power of utilising all the Hypnobirthing techniques, an amazing birth partner and a positive mindset.

“Lyla’s birth is one of my proudest moments and I get so emotional every time I think about it and only wish every pregnant Mumma could have the same experience!

After a wonderful birth with our 1st child, thanks to Terri & Hypnobirthing, it was a given that we would use hypnobirthing again the second time around. I had wanted a home birth with baby no 2 but due to a health issue I was advised a hospital birth was the safer option and so planned accordingly.

After a refresher with Terri and plenty of practise at home, my husband and I felt ready to welcome our second baby girl into the world. At exactly 39 weeks my labour began (weirdly I was also 39 weeks pregnant when I birthed my first child). My surges were very mild with no pattern so we continued our day as normal. I had a scheduled midwife appointment later that day where I was offered a stretch & sweep to move things along but declined as I knew she would come when she was good and ready.

By lunchtime my labour had stalled and the surges had stopped so I spent the afternoon bouncing on my ball in an attempt to get things going again. By teatime the mild surges had restarted and when my husband arrived home from work I went for a walk around the garden which got things moving again.

At 7pm we were bathing our 3 year old when my when my waters broke. After this my surges strengthened and I knew my labour was progressing. Utilising all the breathing techniques we had learned through Hypnobirthing I managed my labour well. At 7.40pm I spoke with Treliske who advised me that when I was as unable to talk through my contractions I should start making my way to hospital

I started to get my things together as I felt it was time to get moving when I had the sudden urge to use the bathroom. I realised very quickly that I did not need the bathroom and that the baby was coming. I called my husband who immediately dialled 999 and within 2 minutes of our call being connected, our daughter arrived with Daddy as chief midwife and no real pushing on my part.

My husband was amazing, he remained so calm throughout the whole experience and even refused to clamp the cord as advised by the 999 operator. Thankfully the call was taken over by a trained nurse at this point who advised that we were fine to leave the cord as it was until the paramedics arrived.

The paramedics arrived 15 minutes after our daughter was born, and the midwife shortly after that, and after a check over we were both given the green light to stay at home so I was able to have a bath in my own bathroom and snuggle up with our new baby in my own bed - it was incredible. Delivering our baby at home, just the two of us, is one of the proudest moments of my life. I still get so emotional when I think about it and will treasure that moment forever. It was an incredible experience and thankfully, nothing went wrong.

I cannot thank Terri enough for helping us to have two wonderful births and would recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone, it really is a life changing experience."

A huge thank you to Kelly and Phil for sharing their birth journey with me, and allowing me to share it with you. Have a look around my website at all the other testimonials and birth stories and click on the 'contact me' page if you have an enquiry about any of my services.

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