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..."this part was the most wonderful feeling" Chloe talks about how she enjoyed giving birth!

Welcome to the world Marley Kenneth Cole, breathed in to the world, born in to water at Truro Birth Centre on 14th December, weighing 6lbs 10oz.

Huge congratulations to Chloe and Olly, who were on my August group Hypnobirthing course - they are first time parents. Chloe outlines her birth journey here for us.

"6am-I began to loose the plug which I was so excited about as until now I hadn’t had any signs!

7pm- Irregular mild surges began, at this stage, bouncing on the fitness ball and using breathing techniques we had learnt really helped. The surges became more regular and intense as the evening went on.

12pm-After speaking with midwives on the phone we decided they were regular enough to head down to Truro Birthing Centre. Upon arrival, the midwives were very welcoming and I was happy to have a vaginal examination to check on progress but unfortunately I was only 1cm so we were told to head back home to try and get some rest. The surges carried on and even got stronger into the night...

7am-Surges completely tailed off to around 1 every 30 minutes and throughout the day slowed even more and they were very irregular.

6pm-More regular surges again, Yay! Ollie made a really lovely space in our snug for me to sit on the ball and lean forward onto a pile of cushions, had the curtains closed and fairy lights and diffuser on while I breathed through the surges. As they were getting more and more intense I used the tens machine to help manage the surges.

10pm- Back down to the birth centre again, and again I agreed to a vaginal examination and was absolutely delighted when the midwife said I was 6cm! She showed us to one of the rooms and checked baby’s heartbeat, absolutely fine which really put me at ease after such a long time at home not knowing how baby was doing. The room was amazing, really made the whole experience for me, as well as the midwives who brought us both drinks and snacks. I used the gas and air and tens machine to manage the surges as they became more intense and Ollie put on some of my favourite music.

1am- At this point I felt ready to get into the birth pool as was feeling a lot of pressure down below now, the midwives sorted this out straight away and put pretty fairy lights around it too. Getting in the pool felt absolutely incredible and really relaxed me. After some time, my body felt an urge to push, so I went with this. My waters broke which relieved a bit of the pressure as well. For me this part was the most wonderful feeling, I could actually feel baby move downwards from my tummy into the birthing canal, I knew I would get to meet him/her soon! Ollie and the midwives were so supportive through this whole stage, I did have moments where I doubted myself but they kept on reassuring me that I was doing brilliantly and that I could do it !

3.15am- Little Marley Kenneth Cole was born in the water, received by Ollie! Exactly as I had wanted ! He passed baby between my legs and told me it was a little boy, an absolutely overwhelming amount of emotion as I saw his little face in the water, we lifted him out and put him straight onto my chest, once the cord had stopped pulsating, Ollie cut it and took him for skin to skin while the midwives helped me birth the placenta and then out of the pool. He latched on almost instantly for his first little feed and we were left to bond as a family of 3. The whole experience was absolutely incredible thanks to the midwives who followed our birth plan exactly as we wanted and couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful, and Terri for the Hypnobirthing knowledge and birth preparation, knowledge is power !"

My Hypnobirthing course will help you to better understand your body and what is happening during the labour and birth process. This knowledge will help you do release your fears and surrender to trusting your birthing instincts. As Chloe says - knowledge is power. Take control of your birth experience, don't just leave it to chance. Book on to my next group Hypnobirthing course in March 2021, or contact me to book a private hypnobirthing course face to face or via Zoom. You are worth it! You deserve the birth of your dreams!

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