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The Big Benefits of an Active Birth

On my Hypnobirthing course we cover the importance of being upright, forwards and open (UFO) and how an active birth can assist your birthing body's natural processes. I will also go through a number of birth positions and encourage you to practice them, so that you can find positions that work for you and fell instinctive.

Here are some great reasons as to why active birth is so beneficial:

●Reduced Risk of Medical Interventions. In 2012, a study found that upright positions during the second stage of labour was associated with a significant decrease in the use of interventions. Active birth positions are often instinctive - being in a position that feels right and working with your body, can also play a part in reducing interventions.

●Shorter Labour Time. In 2009, a research review found that giving birth in an upright position was associated with a shorter first stage of labour. The study found that birthers who gave birth in an upright position had first stages that were approximately 1 hour shorter.

●Less Painful Labour. Women/birthers who give birth lying down are more likely to have epidurals, but those labouring in an upright position are more likely to cope with pain sensations. A 2009 study found that labouring in an upright position was associated with lower levels of pain during labour.

●A More Satisfying Labour. A study found that birthers who laboured in an upright position felt more satisfied with their birth experience overall.

●Better Oxygen Flow To The Baby. Being in an upright position allows for a better flow of blood to the baby. Lying down on your back can lead to a reduced flow of blood to the baby. Compressed blood & oxygen supply can cause baby to become distressed, resulting in further interventions.

●Makes The Most Of Gravity. It makes sense to utilise gravity during labour. Pushing/breathing down in an upright position allows gravity to do its job and help the baby travel down through the birth path.

●Birth Partner Are More Involved. During an active labour, a birth partner feels like he or she is actively participating in supporting the birthing person. This creates a rewarding, bonding experience and teamwork.

●May Result In Less Trauma To The Baby. Because an active birth can result in fewer interventions, less likelihood of stress to the baby or a longer than necessary labour.

Do you want to learn more about active birth, your birthing rights, birth positions and birth environment? Would you like to learn a number of tools and skills that can assist you in labour and birth? If the answer is yes, then my Hypnobirthing course is for you! Still time to book on to July's group course, or head to my booking page to grab your place on my September group Hypnobirthing course. I have 2 spaces left for private Hypnobirthing in August.

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