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The Advantages of HypnoBirthing

I recently posted an article on my Facebook written by the Standard Newspaper interviewing Megan Rossiter from Positively Birthing. It's on the back of this article I have been inspired to write my own blog on the Advantages of HypnoBirthing. If you haven't read the article head over to my Facebook page ( and check it out. It's a really positive media article where Megan talks about the evidence based research and says that “Current research shows that women who prepare for labour through the practice of hypnobirthing experience overall shorter labours with less intervention and reach for less pharmacological methods of pain relief, That’s not to say the hypnobirthing can’t still be incredibly effective for women who choose to use epidurals or accept medical intervention. Hypnobirthing tools enable women to feel calm, confident and in control and is suitable for every kind of birth- whether that’s a water birth in your living room, an induction with an epidural or a C-section."

The many benefits are widely spoken about by a large number of parents who have participated in a face to face taught Hypnobirthing course - just check out my Testimonials page on my Website to see some wonderful examples! Below I have summarised what I believe to be the common and main advantages of Hypnobirthing:

Empowerment – The feeling of confidence and empowerment from taking control of your birth is priceless. Learning to trust in your body and your ability to accomplish anything you put your mind to gives you added confidence that stays with you for a lifetime.

Less pain – Learning how to reduce or eliminate the cause of pain, HypnoBirthing mothers are much more comfortable during childbirth. Many do not require any pain relief and some experience entirely pain-free births.

Shorter labour - Working with your body, rather than resisting, you can significantly shorten your labour, leaving you refreshed and ready to raise the beautiful baby you have just given birth to.

Teamwork – One sometimes unexpected side-effect of HypnoBirthing is the additional closeness you feel with your partner. Fathers (or other birth partners) play a major role in HypnoBirthing, both leading up to, and during the birth. Working together to bring your baby into the world in the most gentle and calm way possible is the ultimate in teamwork, and sets the stage well for the ultimate team challenge – raising a child.

Drug-free baby – You have spent nine months avoiding any substances that could harm your child, why change that during the birth? Using HypnoBirthing during labour helps mums avoid exposing their babies to any pain medications, giving them the best possible start in life.

Life skills - You will gain understanding of the power of your thoughts to create both positive and negative change in your life. This knowledge, along with the instant relaxation and deepening techniques taught in the course, are invaluable tool for relieving stress in everyday life.

Drug-free mother – The female body is perfectly designed to create life, nurture the unborn child, and give birth. Natural labour sets in motion a chain of events and chemical responses in the body that promotes easy labour, quick recovery, hassle-free breastfeeding and deep, instant bonding with your baby. By eliminating unnecessary pain, mothers can avoid using pain relief medications that can interrupt these finely tuned processes.

Confidence to avoid unnecessary interventions - By choosing the right care provider and asking the right questions at the right time, HypnoBirthing families are able to avoid any interventions that are not in the best interest of their child. In the event that intervention is necessary, these families are confident in the knowledge that they explored the alternatives, and are often more satisfied with their birth experience as a result.

Calm baby - Your unborn child is picking up cues about the world well before they are born. Practising self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques during your pregnancy can reduce the amount of stress hormones your baby is exposed to, leading to a calmer baby.

If you're currently pregnant and reading this thinking you'd be crazy not to sign up for a Hypnobirthing course now, then send me a message and lets get something in the diary! My next group Hypnobirthing course is at Penrice Birth Centre in September. All the details can be found on my website under the 'The Course ' tab.

If you're looking for a private course in the comfort of your own home then I have availability from September (some limited space in August). I will always try to work with someone's personal circumstances. I understand that plans change, life gets in the way! I always aim to be flexible, understanding and approachable. If you need flexible sessions at different days and times, or if you need a payment plan to spread the cost - just ask. I will do my very best to accommodate any requests.. I don't want anything to stand in the way of your Hypnobirthing journey with me as I know what a wonderful experience it will be.

If you are reading this and have already done a Hypnobirthing course with me or another practitioner in the past, what do you feel were the main advantages of the course for you?

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