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"It felt so good to have a birth plan and know what we wanted at every eventuality."

Updated: May 27, 2021

On my Hypnobirthing course you will learn relaxation and breathing techniques, but... you will learn so much more than that too. We will go in to detail about the importance of a birth plan, and looking at your options and choices for all eventualities. This knowledge really can make all the difference to your antenatal preparation as Charlie's story shows. Here we have Charlie's wonderful birth story. I met Charlie when she was pregnant with her 3rd baby and I worked with her and her husband Angus, doing some private antenatal classes and hypnobirthing. Charlie was determine to have a calm, gentle birth this time around and wanted to birth in water. She made sure she was not taking anything to chance, and her and Angus invested in a course with me. Charlie tells her story below:

Welcome to the world Margot Ruby Rumbold 17/01/2021 01:45am 8lbs 8oz Truro Birth Centre

"I had always dreamt of having a waterbirth it was third time lucky for us. Our first 2 births hadn’t gone exactly according to plan so when I found out I was pregnant with our third child one of my first thoughts was another chance for my dream waterbirth!

Although I had done hypnobirthing before, my husband Angus hadn’t, and we decided to do a private course with Terri. Learning about birth rights was eye opening and talking over birth plans was invaluable for us as we were divided on a homebirth vs the birth centre. After our session with Terri we were able to get clarity on what was best for both of us and made our birth plan. I wanted a natural birth as far as possible. It felt so good to have a birth plan and know what we wanted at every eventuality. It made me feel calm and relaxed as the birth was approaching. I also regularly listened to Terri’s hypnobirthing tracks (especially when I couldn’t sleep towards the end of pregnancy!)

I started getting a few mild cramps around 5pm on Saturday and thought I could be in early labour. We didn’t want to take any chances following the last rapid birth so spoke to our midwife Amy who was amazing and phoned the Truro birth centre to let them know we would be coming in, although I wasn’t in established labour. When we arrived at 7pm it was like walking into a spa, fairly lights, quiet and a feeling of calm. The staff were so lovely and were very understanding of why we were there so early. I was offered an examination if I wanted on, which I accepted as I wanted to know if this was it. I was 2cm dilated and we were shown to ‘the Nook’ to see how things went. I was just so happy that we weren’t being sent home and that we could actually have chance to relax and enjoy the start of labour. I spent the next couple of hours bouncing on a birthing ball with my clary sage oil whilst watching old Gavin and Stacey episodes with Angus massaging my back. I was having mild surges every 7-10 minutes. We were left undisturbed other than to check if we needed anything. Around 10pm my surges started getting closer together 3-4 mins apart and we were offered to move to the birthing suite…yes!!

The birthing suite was lovely, loads of space with fairy lights and the pool. This was the moment when I thought this is going to happen for me this time! Angus unpacked everything I might need, and we got settled in. Although my surges were much closer together they weren’t much stronger so I was happy bouncing around and eating snacks. At around 11pm our midwife Amy arrived. I was so lovely to see her as she had been my midwife the whole way through and we had had so many conversations about the birth and how I wanted it to be. I felt a could relax now Amy had arrived. My surges started getting closer together and I put the TENS machine on and got comfortable on the ball leaning over the bed and using the breathing techniques I had learnt with Terri. Angus was amazing encouraging me, bringing me coconut water and massaging my back. My waters broke around this time and my surges began to get stronger.

Once I started feeling pressure Amy said I could get in the pool, it felt so amazing to be in there. Angus put on music from our wedding day and Amy put lavender oil on a towel I was leaning on so I felt comfortable and relaxed, exactly what I had pictured. As I entered the transition phase Angus and Amy were literally cheering me on the whole time which helped massively as this was the point when doubt crept in for me. I was so glad I had practised the breathing techniques. Having Angus supporting me with this was invaluable. I felt my body bearing down and I knew I had to trust in my body and surrender to the birth journey. What felt like only a few minutes later baby Margot was born at 01:45am and I was able to lift her out of the water and onto my chest. It was a magical moment and exactly how I had envisioned the birth being.

One of the best things was that Angus (previously a birth phobe) said afterwards ‘that was amazing’ and it really was! Thank you Terri for your support in helping us have the birth I had always wanted."

Are you ready to take control of your birth experience? To work towards the birth that you want, feeling prepared, educated and with a tool kit full of useful techniques to help you on your journey?! Then sign up to one of my Hypnobirthing courses. I start my May course this Sunday 9th, and I have one space remaining in May for a private hypnobirthing course, and 2 in June. My next group course is in July and you can find out more about this or book your place on my website. My Hypnobirthing course really is a game changer - even if you have done a hypnobirthing course before (like Charlie) I can guarantee that you will still get some much out of my course.

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