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"I felt truly beautiful and empowered throughout my whole labour"

Isn't that just the most perfect way to feel during labour and birth? No matter where you choose to birth your baby; no matter what you decide is right for you, and no matter what turn your birthing takes THIS is how I want you to feel, and I will do everything in my power to educate, empower and inspire you. This birth story shows that even when a mother comes from a place of fear (based on a previous birth experience) that those fears and worries can be overcome and a positive birth experience can happen.

Daisy's mummy Aimee outlines her birth experience below and what led her to take ‘a leap of faith’ and sign up for my HypnoBirthing course. I remember meeting Aimee for the first time at her Pilates class and she had so many questions for me, and I could tell she was sceptical about what I was saying. I am so pleased she found out more and signed up! Big thank you to Aimee and Phil for sharing this wonderful feedback and birth story.

“I had a bad experience with the birth of my first son Theo and was very scared about giving birth to my second. As a turn of fate, I met Terri from Cornwall HypnoBirthing at one of my Pilates classes, I was very sceptical about the whole Hypnobirthing thing. I decided to speak to a few people about hypnobirthing and then though, why can’t hurt... lets give hypnobirthing a try, as surly anything will help, and I do not want to re-live a labour as I had with Theo.

How happy I am that I met Terri that day and that I decided to go on the hypnobirthing course. I felt truly beautiful and empowered through my whole labour. It was an incredible experience which made me feel unbelievable as a woman and a mother.

This is my story about Daisy’s birth:

What a truly amazing experience, the evening before Phil and I had a wonderful dinner and a glass of wine and made love. We both slept through the night and then that morning Theo opened the door and came into bed with us and we had lovely cuddles. Our perfect little family about to grow.

We made fresh coffee and put on our welly boots and headed to Colan Woods for a lovely family walk with the dog.

During our walk at about 8:30 I started feeling tightening sensations every four minutes I thought this could be it but didn’t want to jinx it so just kept monitoring the feelings I was having they felt lovely I was starting to get excited the walk was perfect.

On getting home the tightening sensation were still there every four minutes 30 to 45 seconds just going by nicely and easily still no need to really think about or worry about anything so me and Phil watched a nice movie together it was just so perfect spending time together.

After Lunch the sensations were getting a little bit stronger, I packed a backpack for Theo... I thought this could really be happening we took the dog and we went for another walk around the boating lake it was about 12 o’clock and the tightening were getting stronger. Now through every surge I had to stop sway my hips and breathe through it or walk slowly. They were noticeable, and I couldn’t just walk easily or talk through them. We carried on our nice walk to drop Theo off at Phil’s mums, still not really thinking anything was happening too soon.

When we got back to our house I definitely started feeling a lot more pressure on all the surges. I went to my room and put on my birthing affirmation and breathed in some essential oils, at that point it felt as if everything was stopping and the surges which were coming every four minutes changed to every 10 minutes and I just lay there relaxing thinking oh no it’s stopped. Then suddenly I remember I felt this strong change of feelings coming over me. The sensations were intense causing my skin to go all goose pimpled, I stood there looking at the dog who was whimpering and he licked my belly thinking what’s going on here. I felt in my mind it was getting time to call the midwife, but I still felt that I did not want to phone her for them to come and tell me that I was only a few centimetres which would break my heart. I paced around up and down trying to see if the sensations were getting stronger or weaker and what was happening to assess the situation.

It was happening... I went to tell Phil, and I called the midwife.

Then the sensations started taking me to a different place. I was standing on the breakfast bar and this urge and fullness pulsed through me. I felt my leg rise into the air and said to Phil this baby is coming. I felt down between my legs and felt a smooth bulge starting to come out of me. It wasn’t the head I had no idea what it was but something was coming out [it turned out to be her membranes sack as they were still intact]. So quickly Phil put some more kettles of hot water into the water bath and told me to get in. With some help I got into the water bath, grabbed the handles and within three minutes and a few intense surges and an animalistic Roar from within the depths of my being, Daisy my perfect little baby just came out. she came out in the sack smoothly and wonderfully. Phil and I turned around and picked her up and I put her to my chest we just had a baby and we had done it all ourselves, it felt exhilarating. I felt beautiful and proud of myself and my body. Daisy didn’t cry when she first was lifted from the water, she simply made a little purr just to let us know she was ok. She was born into this world in the most peaceful and perfect environment we could have wished for.

12/8/18 3:45pm 6lbs 13 oz

Our perfect family”

I had the joy and privilege to meet little Daisy this week; one of many amazing parts of my job.

If you are inspired by Aimee's story and want to find out more about HypnoBirthing or any of the other services I offer please get in touch via the 'Contact Me' page or email

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