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"I felt so brave and almost primal as I breathed through the surges and our little son arrived"

Huge congratulations to Sally and Richard on the wonderful arrival of their son Fox Michael Laity,

Born 9.00am at Helston Birth Unit on the 16th October 2020, 8 days before his EDD, weighing 7lbs 10 ounces. Below Sally shares her birth experience, and how Hypnobirthing and the amazing Midwives at Helston Birth Unit played an important role in her having the birth she hoped for and worked so hard to achieve.

Birth story

On the 15th of October I woke up with some cramping pains in my back that felt a bit like period pains and a strange feeling like I knew I was going into labour soon. I felt really relaxed about it and chatted with my partner Richard about what we would do if it happened today. Both of us kept getting excited and then saying 'it probably won't happen right now' and decided to go about our days as normal. I did some chores and things around the house until around 4pm when i started to feel some light surges coming on. I set up our birth ball and asked Richard to come home from work and cook me some snacks. We set up a space in the living room, popped some music on and started using the birth ball with some positions where Richard could support me. I used them alongside the breathing techniques from the hypnobirthing classes and it made me feel so in control of my surges. We both felt really relaxed and completely focused on the labour.

As the surges got stronger I went up to bed and got comfortable there, the midwife came out at around midnight and examined me to find out that I was 7cm dilated. I cried with relief as was so happy I had stayed at home until I was dilated. She commented on how calm I was and asked if I'd like to have the baby here at home as he might arrive soon, I said 'No thanks, Get me to Helston please! and we all drove over there.

When I got in the water it was such a relief, it took a lot of the tension away but it did start to feel like it was slowing my surges a little.  The midwives said it looked like the babies head was coming so we continued for some time pushing until I felt like I needed a rest and laid back in the pool. I think I had a lull at this point as my surges slowed completely and I couldn't seem to get his head down any further which was a getting frustrating! 

At 6am a midwife did a check on my progress and noticed that the babies head (which I felt I had been pushing down) was actually stuck behind my waters. She said the water sack had been stopping the babies head from emerging and I agreed to have the waters broken at 8am. I settled into a left lateral position out of the water and a new midwife gave me a good talking to (in a good way!) and started gearing me up for the final stage. I think I really needed someone to do that at this point in the labour as I had started to feel a bit frustrated and kept saying I couldn't do it. She told me I absolutely had this and I dug deep and pushed the babies head and then the body out at around 9am.  I felt like I had a real team around me, with Richard and the midwives all cheering me on which was amazing! I felt so brave and almost primal as I breathed through the surges and our little son arrived. It was such a positive experience and I look back on it now in awe of what my body has achieved, its truly the most phenomenal feeling! 

The hypnobirthing techniques I learnt with Terri, combined with pregnancy yoga and the support from Mazey/Helston midwives, has really transformed my birthing experience into something incredible. I've felt my birthing wishes were respected throughout and I was in complete control of my labour, which was really important for both myself and Richard. Hypnobirthing certainly made my birth a really positive experience, I feel very lucky to have found Terri and learnt about it, I definitely couldn't have done it without her. I have suffered from anxiety before and found Hypnobirthing so useful." If you are pregnant and wanting to achieve a powerful, positive birth, Hypnobirthing can help you to achieve your birthing goals. My next group course is in January 2021 and I have 2 space available for private courses in December. Visit my website ( or email me to book your space (

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