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2cm Open at 7.30am - 10cm at 10am! Bring on the Water Birth!

The birth story of Elsie Honey, written by first time Mumma Hannah. Elsie was born at Truro Birth Centre in the water, during the Covid19 pandemic. Hannah and Luke did their HypnoBirthing sessions with me via Zoom (virtual teaching/meeting platform) Hannah's wonderful experience is a proof that a cervix opens at it's own pace and that every birthing persons body will work differently and open at a different rate - It's always good to know and remember that the half a centimetre and hour for first time birthers (and 1cm an hour for subsequent birthers) with regard to cervical dilation is only a guideline!

“When we finished our course with Terri she asked me how was I feeling towards birth and I confidently came out with 'I'm going to smash it!' which I couldn't quite believe came out of my mouth as I usually doubt myself with new things and always underestimate instead of overestimate. But I truly felt I had gained so much knowledge and understanding of how your body naturally births a baby that that was what was going to happen. Obviously I was totally aware that things could go slightly off plan, but I felt like I was in the right place if that was to happen and either way I had control and would cope due to the hypnobirthing.

38+6 I woke up early hours of the morning and felt quite sure that this was it, everything we had learnt was happening! From 5am I started to have surges and they were lasting around 40 seconds every 2 minutes. I managed to have a shower and wash my hair, never got to take the gel off my toenails that were hanging off though! We headed up to the birth centre about 7.30am and greeted by loveliest midwife, she did an examination and I was sure I'd be in established labour with my surges being so close together but I was only 2cm, the dreaded words 'go home, have a bath or a walk and come back later' ...I was happy to go home but in the back of my mind I knew we were never going to get there and back with how my labour was progressing. I was told my ketone levels were low and that honey is great for this...We decided to go on the hunt for honey and a walk about 9am and by 10am we headed back, something felt different and the surges were getting more intense. I was happy to be examined again and all I heard was '10cm and let's get the pool running!' I was so happy I was going to get the waterbirth I wanted and even happier that we were going to meet this little babe very soon!!

The relief of the water really helped and so did the continuous support of Luke who was absolutely amazing. I was in the water for 45minutes and by 12.01 Luke received our baby and placed her on my chest, Elsie Honey! It was the most amazing experience and the best feeling in the world that my body birthed this little human safely (but fast!) I couldn't have wished for a better birth. I had total control that whole time, I had no other pain relief other than the water and I couldn't quite believe by 1PM I was there eating that famous tea and toast.

Terri helped us so much and I believe we could have had a very different labour/birth if we didn't hypnobirth. I was so excited to tell her and will always be grateful for her time and the knowledge she gave us.”

If you would like to learn more about the wonders of Hypnobirthing, and want to feel calm, prepared and educated for your baby's arrival get in touch with me! I have a free Hypnobirthing taster session on Sunday 19th July at 11am. You can book your free place via my website. My next group course via Zoom is in August (1st, 8th and 15th from 10am - 1pm) Spaces are limited. , and again, can be booked via my website. for more information email me at or find me on Instagram (@cornwallhypnobirthing) or Facebook (Cornwall Hypnobirthing and Hypnotherapy)

I also have Doula availability from September through to December and in to 2021.

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